When I grow up…

I want to be a real blogger. ( Fussy, Whoorl) Until then, I will just pretend.

I need someone to explain to me how I am supposed to get all the things in my life done. Sometimes I feel like life is a game that you just can’t win. I just can’t seem to do all the things I would like. Seriously, how am I supposed to:
Work 40 hours a week (not including lunch and travel time),
Keep a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, tri-level house clean,
Play with my son,
Teach my son,
Maintain 2 dogs and 2 cats (this makes the cleaning even more fun!),
Pack my lunch,
Eat healthy,
Make sure my family eats healthy,
Maintain a garden,
Take cool pictures,
Make jewelry,
Lose weight,
Hang out with my husband,
Keep in touch with family (including family out of state),
Mourn a great job that I don’t have any more,
Find a new job, cuz my current one isn’t cutting it,
Get some fresh air and sunshine,
Clean my office,
Balance my checkbook,
Get enough sleep,
Put on makeup,
Do something resembling a hair style with my hair,
Read a book or 4,
Come up cute stories about my day to share with my blogger friends (and finding time to post them),
Grocery shop,
Enjoy the hot tub
And maintain some level of sanity?
Especially when I’ve been sick…

And I have a cold-sore.


On the up side, I have lost 5 more lbs, that puts me at 11 lbs total and the front-runner for the Get-Fit-With-Finance contest. And the most hated Biotch in finance! Did I mention the cash prize? Yea baby!

Steph I got your tag, I’ll get to it this week.



  1. Lolly Said:

    Eep. Life sure can get busy, can’t it? My best advice is: don’t sweat the small stuff.

    And also, YAY for 5 more lbs gone!!! Awesome job!

  2. Annika Said:

    Beats me. I’m having trouble working five hours a week. And I just did our taxes, which we usually file in February. And I can’t remember the last time I washed my hair or read a book I wasn’t reviewing. Sigh.

    As long as we pay attention to the boys, right?

  3. Jenn Said:

    OH! I totally do this list sometimes. Add to it flossing teeth daily, drinking 8 glasses of water a day (and the peeing that goes with it), doing any crafts, talk to husband on phone, talk to friends on phone, etc….


  4. Stepherz Said:

    Ohhhh, I know! I sometimes wonder how in the world I juggled all of this when I worked. It’s seriously hard! But you are kickin’ ass in the weight loss department! You have me beat and I started in January! Share your secret!

    You can only do what you can do. Don’t feel defeat by what you didn’t do in a particular day, feel accomplished for what you DID do. And, just start with the family and work your way down the list.

    I hope you can find a new job soon, Sheryl. I know what it feels like to be somewhere you aren’t happy. It was really hard to leave my last job because it was the ULTIMATE, perfect fit for me. And I know that only comes once in a blue moon. Best wishes to you finding that perfect fit for you in your career world.

    Keep your chin up! You’re doing a great job as mommy and wife and that’s what matters. 🙂

  5. nikki Said:

    Wait you make jewelry too? Come see the new piece I made. It’s up at my site. Babe, we need to get drinks together!

  6. Meghan Said:

    Well, bugger it! Steph always says what I want to say before me! Brilliant girl, she is. ;]

    And… 11 pounds?? That’s AWESOME. Shoot, that’s half a Xander!!

    And, yes, cold sores are tres sucky.

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