All this and a survey

I’m sitting here catching up on some blogs and laundry, all at the same time. Basically I am stuck in the house, sort of. Hunter is up stairs sleeping and Kev is out cutting the lawn, I am inside doing laundry and wondering why music channels don’t play music. WTF.

Hunter is sick and has been since Thursday. Work has been beyond hectic and honestly, HONESTLY I couldn’t do it with my husband. I had marathon meetings Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So Kev picked Hunter up at daycare on Thursday when they called. Of course they couldn’t get a hold of me… I was in a meeting. {Insert serious Mom-guilt here} Friday, he stayed with his Grandparents. I believe his fever is finally gone, but the coughing is enough to tear your heart out.

My plan was to go into work today. But no… I must have left my key-card on my desk. So now, I have to go in at 7:00 when the doors open automatically. There is some work I absolutely have to have done in the morning. But I have to be gone by 8:00, since my Mom is having a heart cath tomorrow and we have to be there by 9:30.

As I sit here thinking of all the things I to accomplish in the next 24 hours, I am struck by how this is really what life is all about. Juggling the “have to’s”, the “should do’s” and the “want to do’s”. Oh and we can’t forget the “holy crap I forgot to’s”.

Well I’m gonna get this posted since the dryer has just stopped and Hunter will probably wake up any minute.

To all my bloggy friends: I miss you terribly.
To my camera: I promise to turn you on soon. (Hunter’s bad-ass new hat has to documented for the Internet).
To my darling hubby: I love you more than words and honestly wouldn’t want to be shuffling through life with anyone else.

Oh yea, the survey… should I change the url to this blog to:



  1. Annika Said:

    Oy. Vey. I don’t know how you do it. I am totally in awe of you.

    I prefer myself. Because it’s funny.

  2. nikki Said: for sure.

    Hope Hunter feels better soon.

  3. Rhonda Said:

    Sorry Hunter is sick…thank goodness for our support systems! has my vote too.

  4. Meghan Said:

    Holy full plate, Batgirl. I hope Hunter is feeling better now.

    And, if it’s not taken… crap-o-rama. com all the way.

  5. Dawn Said:

    yep, crap-o-rama.

    I’ve been a bad blogger lately too – lots of crap-o-rama in my world.

  6. Stepherz Said:

    I think I like Crap-o-rama the best.

    Hope things slow down for you soon! Hugs! AND? Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. Kayte Said:

    Awww, hopefully once summer settles in and the seasons aren’t so flakey Hunter will be healthy as a horse!

    My vote:!

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