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I’m such a gadget ho

I have a new phone, the LG Voyager and I have to say I am in love with this little piece of machinery.

Okay, here is just one example of how much I dig this thing. This is a picture I took of Hunter with my cell phone:

Big ole smile
It’s loaded into flickr so you can click on it if you want to see a larger version.

Yea, work is still very busy, but life is good.

I’m reading blogs when I can and commenting, also when I can… I have to tell you it’s not much. But I am still trying to keep up as much as I can.

But it is also spring in Michigan and the weather has been incredible. So I am trying to spend as much time outside with my son as I can so the computer has taken a backseat. Sorry everyone, but I’m sure you understand and would do the exact same thing. Well, unless you aren’t much of an outdoor kinda person.


March 12 of 12

March 12 of 12

Here is my humble submission to Chad’s 12 of 12 project. Go here to read more. There are also tons of other links, check them out and consider participating yourself… it’s fun.

You can click on the images to see larger versions on Flickr.

6:55 AM morning q-tips

7:04 AM Tyler – no explanation needed.
Sleeping dogs...

7:08 AM My necklace choice for the day – yes, I made it.
choices, choices

7:28 AM The Upside Down Show just mesmerizes Hunter. Which is good when I am trying to make… my morning latte.
The Upside Down Show

7:36 AM It was just one of those mornings, I even had to grind more beans. I’m just destined to be late ~ sigh.
Morning latte

8:10 AM On the way to daycare.

8:24 AM I drive by this tree everyday and everyday I say I am going to get a picture of it… well today I did. A gift from above.
A gift from above

1:42 PM Pizza for lunch.
Lunch baby

5:11 PM The view from a dirty work window.
A room with a view

5:42 PM Ok, this was on my way home from work, I had to turn around twice. I drive down this street everyday and I have never seen this chicken before. WTF? I think it’s made of metal.
Why did the chicken cross the road?

6:14 PM Pizza for dinner. This picture was taken right after Hunter counted to seven. I kid you not, he was separating his pieces and counting them. I doubt he actually knew what he was doing. But man, my kid is a great mimicker. LOL
You can count on me

8:41 PM Down for the day, sweet dreams baby. I know this is a crappy photo, but the room was dark and I didn’t want to wake him up. And honestly, I’ve been so tired lately, it’s a pretty good representation of how things look thru my eyes.
Days end

Thanks for checking out my day. How about showing yours??

Over heard… and some pics

“Om, whahdadodin”

“Om, whahdadodin?”

“Om, whahdadodin?”

Then it occurred to us….

Um… Whatcha doing? Which is something I probably say 20 times a day, 200 times a day on the weekend. I say it to Hunter, I say it to the dogs when they are getting into something they aren’t supposed to and I also say it my hubby.

Also heard?
“Oh dat…” Oh that.
“Oh.” Usually used appropriately enough to crack us up.

“Dee dee dee dee dee ah dee” which can only be translated with the hand motion that goes along with it…
It’s Itsy bitsy spider, went up the water spout…
Too cute.

“One, two, tree…” that’s about as far as he gets.

And of course there is mah-ney which translates to Banana and melmo which is (of course) Elmo.

It’s funny to me how we are now catching our selves calling it a mah-ney and calling him Melmo. I guess he wares off on us as much as we ware off on him.

We have also formed a counter attack to “No” and it seems to be working.
When we ask Hunter something like: “do you want to eat?” and he replies “no” we ask him if he means “yes”. Usually he says “yes”. I originally started doing this so he would understand the difference between “no” and “yes”. I didn’t want him to say “no” and still get the results as if he said “yes”. I have to say we have been doing this for about two weeks. I also mentioned this to the ladies at daycare and the Grandparents. Hunter no longer says “no” to everything. Now he uses “yes” and “no” very accurately. It’s great not having a short person constantly saying no to everything you say.

I was just playing around with my 50mm 1.8f lens and I captured this picture. It looks so much like a portrait to me. I do love this picture. I didn’t pose him – anyone who has a twenty-month old knows this is true! You can tell it’s just a goof around shot – check out his hair. He got that from Mom, his has a mind of it’s own too.

Portrait of a boy

I leave you with a few more animal pics. I have had a small chance to play with my camera, but not much. Work has been very very busy. I’m hoping to be able to get some additional play time. My wonderful hubby bought me a set of studio lights for Valentine’s Day and I have been reading up on lighting. Hopefully soon I will have some great new pics to share.

Old Miss:
Old Miss

Tyler, dreamin’ of catching that damn squirrel


Public Service Announcement (from Hunter)

Just a little post with some advice from your buddy Hunter. (Bet you didn’t know I could type yet – I get lots of practice when no one is looking.)

Anyway… on to my advice…

Don’t eat snow…


It doesn’t taste as good as it looks.



Mom got a new lens.

…great… /sarcasm

What’s a 50 1.8f mean?


Wordless Wednesday (sorta)


Suspicious chicken outside?

Very suspicious…

“Tree pretty… fire bad”

Wordless Wednesday

Frozen fog - A view from the yard

Frozen fog - A view from the yard

Frozen fog - A view from the yard

Frozen fog - A view from the yard

Frozen fog ~ taken December 26, 2007

Lots ‘o stuff

There has been lots of stuff going on. Boy am I glad it’s Friday! This week seems to have been full of ups and downs. I thought I was getting an interview for a position in a local city. I was one of 12 candidates. Well, here, read for yourself…

“Congratulations. We have completed our initial screening of applicants for
Controller. The field has been narrowed to twelve candidates. You are one
of the remaining twelve.

The attached “Pre-Interview Screening Questionnaire” is the next step in our
process. It will be used to further narrow the field of candidates who will
be invited to interview. We expect to schedule interviews for Jan 8th and
9th. Please try to keep these dates available.”

I spent 2 days of my vacation working on this “Pre-Interview Screening Questionnaire.”

I haven’t heard anything… anything. I called the person the email was from, this person is also the Department Head over the position I was applying for. I just wanted to confirm that they received my questionnaire since the interviews were scheduled to have already started and I hadn’t heard anything. My inquiry was met with a resounding … “Yes.” How he knew without checking is a mystery to me.

I asked if the interviews were still going to take place… another resounding… “Yes.”

I then confirmed that I would be hearing something one way or another. You guessed it… another “Yes.”

WTF!? Could the guy have been a bigger dick? (or would “smaller dick” be a better insult?) Seriously, after he answered the phone all he said was “yes” three times. And now it’s Friday and I still haven’t heard anything.

Why not just have the balls to tell me I didn’t make the cut? Why not just have the balls to say they found other candidates that were more suited for the position? What. a. dick.

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t want to work for such a personality filled guy anyway.

I’ve been studying photographic light lately. I am really starting to get an understanding of how my Speedlite flash works. I’m also seeing light in a whole… new … well, um … light.

Yea… more on this later.

I was going through my pictures today trying to pick out my best of 2007. I would like to do a post about them at some point. Holy shit, I’ve taken a ton ‘o pictures. I can see where I have improved some. It’s also interesting what I notice in my old pictures now that I am learning about light.

Also, I can’t believe how much Hunter has changed since last year.

mmm... pickle
Hunter, on January 11, 2007.

Holiday smiles
Hunter from Christmas Eve, 2007 almost one year later.

There really is nothing like the feeling of going through old pictures of your child.

Lastly, I’m feeling VERY ranty about the upcoming Michigan Primaries. So guess what? I’m going to vent it here.

Work, kids, photos AND politics… aren’t you glad you read Crap-o-rama??

Doin’ the Happy Dance

Yea, yea, I know it’s been a while, I’m sorry. Hunter had a short version of the stomach bug last week, Wednesday and I kept him home from Daycare on Thursday. I never really got the full blown stomach thing, but I sure wasn’t feeling the best on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, they really mean a lot to me.

Since my husband’s employer sucks, I always have to take sick duty. In order to take Thursday off, I had to cancel a meeting and whatnot and here I am, a week later, still playing catch up at work. That’s what happens when you are doing two jobs, but that’s okay

Anyone who has been around here lately knows how much I hate my current job. My last job was awesome! I was the Director of Administrative Services at the Pontiac Silverdome – the previous home of the Detroit Lions. After the Lions left, the building struggled for several years and finally held its last full-fledged event in January of 2006. I was the last full-time employee there and my job ended in May 1, 2006. And for those keeping track, I was 8 months pregnant. Not a quality most employers are looking for. I was transferred to the City that owns the Stadium to work in the Budget Department – which is where I currently work.

I took a $4 an hour pay cut and they jacked around with my seniority (13 years, out the window – sort of). However, I do realize that I am truly blessed to even have a job in this economy. That’s not the struggle. The struggle is the lack of thought, responsibility and effectiveness that my current position affords me. It was a nice change of pace as I got used to the whole motherhood thing, but now? It’s just boring. I am craving some new opportunities, new experiences and the chance to learn something new career-wise.

Recently I have had the opportunity to assist another department (still in the financial area). I have really been excited to learn another area of governmental finance. And I enjoy keeping so busy. But the city really struggles financially. I can’t get on board with the people that are making the decisions, in my mind they are lacking effectiveness. And politics? … well politics are hard to deal with, at least for me. I’m not a politician, I’m a numbers person. If you ask me what I think… I’m going to tell you. But if you work someplace where the “ism’s*” are a way of life, telling someone how you really feel can be career ending.

* ism’s = nepotism, favoritism, chauvinism are just a few.

Oh yea… the happy dance. I’m doing the happy dance because I have a job interview in three weeks. I am so, SO excited… if I thought I could jump up and click my heals without breaking something… I would. That is all I am going to say, because I don’t want to jinx myself. But if you could send some good vibes my way, I would be ever so grateful.

Ok, I’ve missed the December12 of 12, two Weekly Winners and two days of the 365 day project.

Any one want to see some pictures??? {insert massive screaming in the background here}

Christmas Card Experience

This college sums up the Christmas card taking experience perfectly. You can click on it and it will take you to Flickr where you can see the individual pics or the college.

It was hilarious and tons of fun!



Those eyes

Weekly winners

Novermber 25th to December 1st.

Me and my man.
Me & my man

My boys.
My boys

How to eat ice cream.
How to eat ice cream IV, by Hunter


Bath time, sort of.
Bath time - sort of.

I’m sure it’s not the drunken photos you were expecting. But I also expected to have a designated driver and I didn’t. So you just have to settle for pictures of good friends, slightly lite. hehehe

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