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Doin’ the Happy Dance

Yea, yea, I know it’s been a while, I’m sorry. Hunter had a short version of the stomach bug last week, Wednesday and I kept him home from Daycare on Thursday. I never really got the full blown stomach thing, but I sure wasn’t feeling the best on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, they really mean a lot to me.

Since my husband’s employer sucks, I always have to take sick duty. In order to take Thursday off, I had to cancel a meeting and whatnot and here I am, a week later, still playing catch up at work. That’s what happens when you are doing two jobs, but that’s okay

Anyone who has been around here lately knows how much I hate my current job. My last job was awesome! I was the Director of Administrative Services at the Pontiac Silverdome – the previous home of the Detroit Lions. After the Lions left, the building struggled for several years and finally held its last full-fledged event in January of 2006. I was the last full-time employee there and my job ended in May 1, 2006. And for those keeping track, I was 8 months pregnant. Not a quality most employers are looking for. I was transferred to the City that owns the Stadium to work in the Budget Department – which is where I currently work.

I took a $4 an hour pay cut and they jacked around with my seniority (13 years, out the window – sort of). However, I do realize that I am truly blessed to even have a job in this economy. That’s not the struggle. The struggle is the lack of thought, responsibility and effectiveness that my current position affords me. It was a nice change of pace as I got used to the whole motherhood thing, but now? It’s just boring. I am craving some new opportunities, new experiences and the chance to learn something new career-wise.

Recently I have had the opportunity to assist another department (still in the financial area). I have really been excited to learn another area of governmental finance. And I enjoy keeping so busy. But the city really struggles financially. I can’t get on board with the people that are making the decisions, in my mind they are lacking effectiveness. And politics? … well politics are hard to deal with, at least for me. I’m not a politician, I’m a numbers person. If you ask me what I think… I’m going to tell you. But if you work someplace where the “ism’s*” are a way of life, telling someone how you really feel can be career ending.

* ism’s = nepotism, favoritism, chauvinism are just a few.

Oh yea… the happy dance. I’m doing the happy dance because I have a job interview in three weeks. I am so, SO excited… if I thought I could jump up and click my heals without breaking something… I would. That is all I am going to say, because I don’t want to jinx myself. But if you could send some good vibes my way, I would be ever so grateful.

Ok, I’ve missed the December12 of 12, two Weekly Winners and two days of the 365 day project.

Any one want to see some pictures??? {insert massive screaming in the background here}

Christmas Card Experience

This college sums up the Christmas card taking experience perfectly. You can click on it and it will take you to Flickr where you can see the individual pics or the college.

It was hilarious and tons of fun!



Vicks Urban Legend

As you may or may not know, Hunter has been sick for over ten days. I’ve taken him to the doctor twice; the second time was this morning. He is still coughing and yesterday he was actually losing his voice. The doctor has told me it’s just a cold and there is nothing that can be done. Just keep the cool-mist humidifier in his room, which we have been doing for weeks.

I was concerned about it settling in his chest, which is why I took him back to the doc today.

The poor guy has been coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing. I feel so bad for him. So last night, out of desperation, I tried something I received an email about.

Vicks on your feet to relieve coughing and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work.

I slathered up the bottom of Hunter’s feet with Vick’s VapoRub and we put him in his footy pj’s. Off to sleep he went… and stayed. In fact I had to wake him up this morning at 8:00AM. His breathing was much less labored. He didn’t have one single coughing jag last night… not one!

I’m convinced enough to have done it again tonight. If it works again tonight, I will be officially in love!


Hunter is over by the fireplace playing with my cherub.

“Hunter! Get away from there. The last time you played over there you broke it, don’t you think that made me mad enough?”

“no” as if he understood every word.

“Pfffftttt…” into all out giggling. My dear husband on the couch next to me, melting into a pile of laughter, but trying his hardest to suppress it.

Me… tears streaming from my eyes as I try to hold my stern look.

Hunter, staring at me looking for the least little crack in my exterior.


Me: drinking out of my glass.

Hunter: “wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa”

So I give him a drink from my glass.

Hunter: “wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa”


Hunter is standing on the couch… again.

Me: “Hunter, sit down.”

“wheeesh” ever so quietly.

As the shitty grin comes back across his face, he stands up again.

“Hunter, sit down.”


Me: giggling softly to myself, thinking my son is so going to get a 4 in citizenship when he starts school. It doesn’t matter where he is, if you tell him to sit down, he does sit, but it always comes with that noise.

“Bur-ee, bur-ee” as he points up in the sky.

I look, yep, there are birds. I turn to Hunter, “Yea buddy, those are birds. You are so smart.”

He puts his finger to his temple.

“Buddy, did you just do the sign for smart?”

He puts his finger to his temple.

“Okay, now you are freaking me out.”


Today’s 365 Project picture is brought to you by the Mom in me, not the photographer. I know it should be one in the same, but it’s not. I sat on the floor, put Hunter on my lap, set my camera’s 2 second timer, pushed the shutter and held the camera out in front.
Day 4 - the Mom in me.

Sick of seeing me yet?

slides, strays and shirts

Some one has a new toy.

And don’t I look skinny? skinnier? Ok, maybe if you try squinting. (32 lbs down, baby!).

Since Hunter has become monkey boy and climbs on everything, we decided it was time to give him an outlet for all this climbing energy. I give you the “Variety Climber”. Of course we aren’t done putting it together and it’s not going to live on the deck between the swing and the hot tub, but the climbing part with the slides is put together.

Yep, he’s a climber.

But these photos are two of my favs!
I can see you.
The eyes of a child
These are straight out of the camera, I haven’t had the time to post-process them yet.

In other news… yes, there is other news besides Hunter…

We were in the backyard Sunday, when Tyler started barking over by the garbage. I was nervous about going over there, no telling what he was barking at, but obviously it was something. When I got there I found this little kitten, maybe 3 weeks old, tops, all curled up on the pallet next to the garbage cans.

Hold me

It’s little ears were wet, but that was from Tyler nudging him. He looked like he was meowing, but nothing was coming out, my heart just sank. Kev came over and picked him up and I went and got a bowl of milk. The little guy just stuck his face in the milk and didn’t know what to do. So I fed him with and eye-dropper, but not too much. His meow was audible now, the poor little thing looked so scared. Tyler was barking… “mine, mine, mine… I found it, it’s mine… can I keep it? Huh? Can I? Huh? Huh? Can i?” And Jake, one of our cats that was outside, was all like: “what the hell is that and what are you going to do with it?” (funny how I know exactly what my animals are thinking, isn’t it. I hope I still have this power when Hunter gets older. ha.)

I took the tiny little kitten to the Humane Society. He was obviously very weak and may have needed some medical attention. This was emphasized when I got the the HS and they took the little guy right away. All the way there I told myself this was for the best. We couldn’t keep it – our animal to human ratio is already out of whack. And if he was ill, he needed to be treated humanely and put down quietly – if that is what was best. So why did I start crying when I had to initial that I understood that he might be euthanized after evaluation if he was un-adoptable? Total time lapse between finding him and dropping him off was half-an-hour, at the most. I’m such an emotional moron.


I’m still working on my family feature. Tyler is the one who I am going to feature first and I just have tons of pictures to go thru. I want to make sure you can get a sense of his personality through my pictures and words.

In the mean time, tons of new pics over at flickr, if you care to peruse. Like this one:
Hunter & KLA
Hunter with my great friend, KLA.

And believe it or not, there is actually one of my husband with his shirt ON – no shit.

Who are you…

Who are you...

…and what have you done with my baby?

Angelic? – not so much.

You know for months (14 to be exact) I have been hearing about this angelic little boy I have.

“Oh my goodness! He is such a doll!”

“Could he be any cuter??”

“SO. FREAKIN’. ADORABLE!!!! Sheryl, he’s seriously gorgeous.”

“Bug’s smile makes me smile. That boy is a looker.”

“holy freakin’ tomatoes is he a cutie!”

“He is *really* cute. Every day, every smile must be awesome.”

“Good God he’s cute!”

“Look at those DIMPLES! What a sweet little boy you have.”

“But that youngster? Man, he’s a great model. What a cutie patootie!”

“He’s so cute, that little Bug-a-boo”

Ok, ok… I know, enough already. And these are just a few random blog comments. I will admit, he is a little looker, especially those big blue eyes…. those innocent big blue eyes.

I’m guessing I’ve gotten as much mileage out of this as I am going to get so I will just get to the point.

My angelic little son…

…pulled the fire alarm at daycare yesterday. Yep, firetrucks and all.

His Dad was so proud.

Question of the day

I bet each and every one of you is pondering…
What happens when you leave your large glass of water on the table and divert your attention away for only moments?

Well when you live with Hunter, here’s what happens:

The big blue glass...

... and the water spot.

A picture (or two) is worth a thousand words, but I will tell you what you are seeing. First picture, my son drinking out of a BIG (plastic) glass. Second picture, my son looking as innocent as can be sitting in and next to what used to be in the glass and is now a large puddle of water… on my carpet…nice. I don’t even know if he got any water in his mouth, but I can tell you he didn’t get any on him.

Thank goodness I only drink water.

My new favorite photo…


Yep, this is my new favorite photo.

Oh yea, yesterday was Bug’s 1st birthday. I will post some pics later. Until then, feel free to enjoy this beautious picture of my favorite son.

It’s time to move the mattress

I don’t get to sleep in anymore so I steal as much sleep as I can when I don’t have to be at work. So tell me, how am I supposed to sleep when this is all I can see. Apparently Hunter was ready to get up.

Click on the photos for larger versions.


Who needs words?


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