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May 12 of 12

Better late than never…
May 12 of 12

Here is my 12 of 12 submission… a bit later than usual, but still taken on the 12th. I didn’t realize it was the 12th until I was already at work, so I used my cell phone to do this month’s 12 of 12. Man was it difficult trying to figure out how to get pics off my phone in bulk, but I got it now. Another issue was when I transfered the songs, I lost the date and time. I can assure you they were taken on the 12th, but the times are all estimated… sorry.

If you want to find out more about the 12 of 12 project, go check out Chad’s site.

I just happened to take this picture before I left for work so I could show it off, so now it is my 1st 12 of 12 pic.

7:30-7:40 am – This is my Mother’s Day present from my Mom. She cut out pictures of me and Hunter together and put them in a collage. It’s amazing.
How cool is this?

5:12 pm – I know the time on this one, because it’s in the picture. I love this song and even moreso I love my Sirius Radio.
Hot for Teacher.

5:15 pm – me in the mirror, on the way home from work.
Just me

5:45 pm -ish. Hunter all buckled in and ready to go home and telling me all about his day.
Telling me about his day

5:45 pm -ish. Hunter eating a giant strawberry on the way home from daycare. I think he loves strawberries as much as he loves bananas.

6:10 pm – ish. Hunter wants to swing, what a shock.
A boy and his swing set

6:10 pm – ish. Hunter on his swing.

6:30 pm – ish. Hunter eating the rest of the potato salad from his lunch. Some days this boy eats like a horse.
potato salad

6:45 pm – ish. Hunter giving the dogs the what for, while I made dinner.

7:15 pm – ish. Hubby doing the dishes. That’s our deal, one cooks and the other does the dishes. (No, he’s not nude) hehehe
My Man...

7:30 pm – ish. Watching the Survivor Season Finale on DVR. I love the DVR, but man was it difficult trying to avoid spoilers…. I was able to, my Hubby, not so lucky, but he didn’t spoil it for me.

8:15 pm – ish. Shouldn’t everyone have a picture of their young son with woman’s underwear on their head?
16 years later...

Thanks for stopping by. Go check out the other 12 of 12er’s.

And I would be a real shlub if I didn’t with Xan a great big happy 2nd birthday. I hope is was your best ever. Hehehe. Happy Birthday Buddy!!! xoxoxo

March 12 of 12

March 12 of 12

Here is my humble submission to Chad’s 12 of 12 project. Go here to read more. There are also tons of other links, check them out and consider participating yourself… it’s fun.

You can click on the images to see larger versions on Flickr.

6:55 AM morning q-tips

7:04 AM Tyler – no explanation needed.
Sleeping dogs...

7:08 AM My necklace choice for the day – yes, I made it.
choices, choices

7:28 AM The Upside Down Show just mesmerizes Hunter. Which is good when I am trying to make… my morning latte.
The Upside Down Show

7:36 AM It was just one of those mornings, I even had to grind more beans. I’m just destined to be late ~ sigh.
Morning latte

8:10 AM On the way to daycare.

8:24 AM I drive by this tree everyday and everyday I say I am going to get a picture of it… well today I did. A gift from above.
A gift from above

1:42 PM Pizza for lunch.
Lunch baby

5:11 PM The view from a dirty work window.
A room with a view

5:42 PM Ok, this was on my way home from work, I had to turn around twice. I drive down this street everyday and I have never seen this chicken before. WTF? I think it’s made of metal.
Why did the chicken cross the road?

6:14 PM Pizza for dinner. This picture was taken right after Hunter counted to seven. I kid you not, he was separating his pieces and counting them. I doubt he actually knew what he was doing. But man, my kid is a great mimicker. LOL
You can count on me

8:41 PM Down for the day, sweet dreams baby. I know this is a crappy photo, but the room was dark and I didn’t want to wake him up. And honestly, I’ve been so tired lately, it’s a pretty good representation of how things look thru my eyes.
Days end

Thanks for checking out my day. How about showing yours??

January 12 of 12

I got a late start today. I made a mental note on Friday that Saturday was the 12th. And promptly forgot Saturday morning. By the time I remembered the day was more than half over. So lucky you, you missed me cleaning out the fridge and grocery shopping… I know you’re bummed.

Welcome to the middle of my Saturday.

3:43 PM Hunter throwing the ball to Tyler. Originally this pic was too dark, but I lightened it. I like the graininess of the lighter photo.
Throwing the ball

3:45 PM Sleeping Jakey-Jake. Well, trying to sleep, anyway.
Quality sleeping time

4:27 PM Dad spending some quality time with Hunter, reading him his favorite book.
Quality time

4:31 PM Outside with the dogs. Of course Tyler wants to play catch… anything will do… even a stick. “Come on… throw the stick… come on!”

4:32 PM Buds? Are those buds? The poor trees, the weather has been so confusing here. It’s January in Michigan and we’ve had 16 inches of snow, 10 degree weather, 65 degree weather and a butt-load of rain… And it’s only the 12th.

4:38 PM In an effort to catch up to 12 pictures, here is a picture of what I did this morning. I cleaned out the fridge – I’m talking took everything out including the shelves. Wiped everything down and re-organized the whole damn thing. Then I went grocery shopping.
Clean and full

4:42 PM Lesson for the day; don’t go grocery shopping hungry. 😉 Don’t these look good?
Better snack

5:24 PM Snack before dinner. (see, I bought healthy stuff too)

5:27 PM I think Tyler has the right idea. I would sit here and look out the window all day too, if I could.
A room with a view

7:02 PM Doing a fine job using silverware. I’m so proud.
Mastering the fork

7:18 PM Dinner is finally ready.
Dinner's ready

8:46 PM Tyler is really such a good dog. He will tolerate just about anything on his head.
Is there something on my head?

Well, there you have it. My Saturday… well half of it anyway. Now go check out the rest of the participants in Chad’s 12 of 12. I am going to try to do the whole year this year.

A side note: several of these pictures were taken with the flash. I’m quite happy with the results. Using the flash I have seems to be cheaper then buying the 1.8/f lens I want.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

December 12 of 12

This month’s 12 of 12 has been cancelled due to the stomach flu. I got about half way through the day before the daycare called. Since I figured you didn’t want to see several pictures of me cleaning up bodily fluids… and I didn’t really want to take pictures while cleaning up bodily fluids. I have decided to spare you the details… and the pictures. Sorry.

Depending on what the future holds, you may get an 8 of 12 on the 14th. But I don’t want to count my cookies before they are tossed.

November 12 of 12

Welcome to the nAbLOpOmO version of 12 of 12. For more info and to see lots of other purty 12 of 12’s check out Chad’s site. Nothing really special about this being the nAbLOpOmO version, it’s the same ole 12 of 12. It just happens to fall in the middle of nAbLOpOmO. Blah, blah, blah.

I had the 12th off in honor of our Veteran’s. I had big plans…. big, big plans. Then the Bug caught a bug. So as you flip thru these lame-ass pics, keep in mind the photographer didn’t get much sleep. And my usual 50 to 60 pics to choose from was 16. That should sufficiently explain the Tyler pooping picture.

Consider yourself forewarned.

Bonus word this month: grateful.

10:15 AM – Didn’t even pick up the camera until now. This is where I spent the night with Hunter. He was really struggling to sleep so we came downstairs to sleep in the rocker together and ensure that Dad would get some sleep. Dad had to work.
Forgot to make the bed.

10:18 AM – I let the dogs out and find Missy putting on her morning perfume. nice.
Missy applying her morning perfume

10:20 AM – Poop or sniff? that is the question. Sorry, I know this is bad, but I told you I was short on pics.
Poop or sniff?

10:20 AM – Blue jay, blue pole, blue wires… playing with white balance can give you some cool effects. Shut up, it’s not a crap picture… it’s artsy.
Mr. Blue Jay

11:04 AM – Me taking my self-portrait for the 365 day challenge. I like to call it “Sleepless in Auburn Hills”. Hey, don’t you love the plunger in the background. Jeez
Day 12 - 365 - Sleepless in Auburn Hills.

11:05 AM – Me and the Bug. The reason for the plunger being put up high. Maybe he wants to be a plumber someday. No, he’s not THAT tall, he’s just standing on his step-stool.
a little help

11:45 AM – Bug at the doctor’s office. See, white balance cool effect again.

1:56 PM – We just met Grandma for lunch after the doctor’s office visit.
Lunch date

4:59 PM – Flash play. Apparently he’s teething again.
fingers, yummy.

5:00 PM – and feeling better. “AAAUAUUUGUGHGHGHGHGGHH!”

Bonus pic – 5:07 PM – a clean litter box. The kitties love that! This month the bonus word was grateful. While I have a lot to be grateful for and it could apply to most of these pictures, I am sure the kitties are grateful for a clean litter box.
a clean litter box

8:27 PM – Late dinner at Chili’s.

9:25 PM – A long hot bath for me before bed. Man I needed that.

October 12 of 12

Here is my October 12 of 12, but before you read any further I have to warm you, it’s pretty lame.

If you would like to see some much cooler 12 of 12’s check out Chad’s site.

6:38 am – I woke up late – dang.

Wake up!

6:45 am – Medicine cabinet – getting ready to brush my teeth.

Medicine cabinet

6:47 am – Willow thinking about ordering some Dryer Balls.

Willow watching TV

6:53 am – Getting Hunter up, still late. He’s blurry because it’s so early. 🙂

morning bug

7:00 am – Hunter at the top of the stairs deciding if he is going to come down and eat breakfast.

Top o' the stairs

8:08 am – At Starbucks, coffee poured out of someone’s open car door, left for me to step in. I hate when people dump stuff out their door like this.


8:24 am – Finally at work; LATE. This is how far I park from the door to try and get some exercise.

Parking far

10:46 am – Snack time.

Snack time (have you tried these??)

11:59 am – Lunchtime blog update.

Lunchtime blogging

12:09 pm – Cake at work for Birthday Girl.

Birthday girl

7:11 pm – Leaving On the Border, which was another birthday celebration.

On the Border

8:38 pm – Home with my family. It’s past Hunter’s bedtime, but he hasn’t seen his overworking Dad lately, so we let him slide.

End of the day bug.

Well, there you have it. I told you it was lame. We are going to the Cider Mill today, so hopefully I will have some much more interesting shots to share with you.

Have a great weekend!!

September 12 of 12

Here it is, my 12 of 12 for September. For details or to participate yourself, just mosey on over to here and check it out.

{Click on the photos for larger, clearer views.}

7:48 AM – here is where Hunter’s day begins most days. Today tho, he appears to be giving me the what for… I think he wants pears today.
An another thing

8:16 AM – BONUS – The bonus word this month was unexpected, here is my unexpected passenger, Jakey-Jake.
Unexpected Rider

8:24 AM – This is where Hunter gets out: daycare.
"The door"

8:48 AM – Starbucks seem to have made it’s way back into my morning routine – with some changes. Now, instead of a Triple Venti Carmel Macchiatto, I get a Grande Soy Latte – several hundred calories less.

1:55 PM – Just finished lunch at Leo’s. A nice private lunch with me and my book.
Lunch reading

5:45 PM – is the deadline for picking up your child at daycare. I just made it there on time. Time's up (oh and yes, that is X202 on my radio presets – I like Opie and Anthony… so what… they’re funny. (even tho I only have XM for 2 more months for free, then it’s back to Sirius for me.)

5:50 PM – the ride home always includes some milk, it’s just not necessarily always on his lip, oh and on the window, in case you can’t tell. 😉
"...and then we..."

6:12 PM – DAD’s HOME!! (and look… Dad has a shirt on!)
Yay, Dad's home.

6:12 PM – the High-five!

6:14 PM – Hunter in his new (to him) truck. Tyler: “hey.. you got room in there for me?”
Can I fit?

6:15 PM – Tyler playing catch, pretty much a 12 of 12 tradition picture.
Play catch with me

6:21 PM – Finally everyone is in the house. But we won’t turn the TV on for Hunter so he is trying to figure the remote out with the instructions. Dad hasn’t had a chance to teach him that those are called “suggestions” and men don’t read ’em.

8:22 PM – leaving Longhorn where we had dinner. It sure does get dark early now. We were supposed to go grocery shopping, but I didn’t feel like it and it was Hunter’s bed time. I honestly don’t think I was even awake for another hour.

There you have it, my day in 12 pictures. I hope you enjoyed it. And don’t forget to go and check out some of (all) the other 12 of 12 participants – it’s a very cool project.

As an additional note, I would like to again thank Chad for hosting these 12 of 12’s. If it weren’t for these posts, I don’t know that I would have forced myself to take some of these pictures. And this month, I have some fantastic shots of my family. As I was going through my photos (I took 56 shots yesterday) so many of them make me smile. Just look at this great shot of my son and my husband. The reason I had my camera out was specifically to capture some shots for 12 of 12. Thank you Chad!
My men

August 12 of 12

Hey, yesterday was August 12th and you know what that means… it’s 12 of 12 time again. I was on vacation for the July 12 of 12, so this is my first in a couple of months. And since it’s on a Sunday, I have to warn you it’s full of Hunter.

Check out Chad’s site for details and cool links.


8:51 am – Checking the DVR timers – yep, those are all shows for Hunter, I can be resourceful when I need to be. You can’t beat having The Upside Down Show and the Backyardigans on demand.


8:51 am – Grumpy Bug. Sorry about the blurry, but I had a crying baby headed towards me and couldn’t get a clear shot.


9:52 am – He found these animal crackers in his diaper bag (Grandma must have left them there). I think he opened them and helped himself. At least he wasn’t grumpy anymore.


10:30 am – Bug and Tyler playing together on the floor. Normally Tyler doesn’t want to much to do with him, but this time there were animal crackers involved. (sorry, blurry again, apparently I’ve become a shit photographer.)


10:31am – Still being shadowed by Tyler – now I’m sure there were animal crackers involved.


10:55 am – Chillin’ in the Elmo chair (now that the giggling has been disabled).


4:08 pm – Bug in a bucket.


4:13 pm – Dad working on the deck with two observers.


4:31 pm – Home Depot to get replacement deck boards.


5:21 pm – Graham crackers can cure any mood.


7:15 pm – Bug-a-boo feeding himself. Yea, I know it’s spaghetti, but so what, it’s gonna get everywhere no matter what it is. But he likes spaghetti a lot so chances that more of it gets into his mouth are good.


8:13 pm – The new deck. I love being married to a handyman.


Bonus word: LIGHT
8:39 pm – The sunset was casting an cool looking light effect on the clouds way above it.

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed a look in to my Sunday. Sorry about the crap photography this month.

June 12 of 12

It’s 12 of 12 time again. 12 of 12 is a project started by Chad Darnell. This link is to the post explaining the original concept. This link is to the current month’s entries. It is very cool to see how people go through their day, especially in other parts of the world. Do click over and go through some links – it’s quite cool.

June 12, 2007 was my 3rd wedding anniversary. Yay us! But here’s the rub: I had to work all day – ALL DAY! We are talking 14 hours. My husband had to be at work at 6AM and I had to work until what turned out to be 11:00 PM. So, as sad as it is, you will not see any pictures of me and my husband on our anniversary. In fact I didn’t even really see my husband, unless you count the goodbye kiss in my slumber when he left or the hello kiss in my husband’s slumber when I got home.

I hope you enjoy my 12 of 12 and don’t forget to stop by Chad’s site and see other folk’s 12 of 12’s.

6:40 AM – My new alarm clock. How funny is it that I caught him mid-yawn?


7:51 AM – My lunch is packed. I know it’s a lot, but it’s going to be a long day.


8:21 AM – Last romp outside until evening for the dogs. Yep, that’s Tyler playing catch (a 12 of 12 tradition).


8:25 AM – No matter how hectic, you have to stop and appreciate the beauty around you. These are some flowers (delphiniums) from my front garden. Don’t you love perinnials?!?


8:26 AM – Jake and Willow. The poor cats, they want to play outside so bad. Nice hole in the screen, eh? Big brown dog doesn’t know his own claw strength.


8:31 AM – Hunter all packed in the car seat and ready to go. He is finishing his breakfast in the car. Eeegads… I am raising a multi-tasker.


8:45 AM – Starbuck’s and me… ’nuff said.


8:51 AM – Hunter is a climber. Here he is standing backwards in his car seat as I am trying to get him out for Daycare. This is the last time I will see him today. :_ )


9:01 AM – I’m on my way to work and since I live in Michigan, even my short 3 mile drive to work is riddled with construction. Obviously you can see that giant blinking yellow arrow that indicates traffic needs to move right (squeeze right, for my Canadian friends). Why does the person in the blue mini-van think that he is so much more important than anyone else and that he can move to the front of the line. This really cheeses me off!


9:09 AM – In my very short commute there is a trucking company that teaches (I am using this word loosely) people how to drive semi-trucks. Unfortunately, they are teaching them on the roads that I take to work. This is a semi that the “Student Driver” staled out at a stop sign. Why am I always behind these people?


9:09 AM – Geez, at this rate I am never going to get to work – yes, that says 12 MPH!!


10:17 AM – My messy-ass office.


2:45 PM – Bonus Pic – I went to lunch late today because I knew I had to work late. I ran home for a quick second and I found this SURPRISE hanging on the door handle. Lucky for me the bonus pic of the month is “surprise”. It was an anniversary present from my Mom. I still don’t know what it is because Kev and I decided to postpone our anniversary to a day that we would actually see each other. We will open this gift when we are together.


11:16 PM – Living room clock. I am finally home from work. Looooonnnnng day.


May 12 of 12 and a few shout outs.

May 12 of 12

Here is my monthly 12 of 12. It’s a cool project coordinated by Chad. Check out his sight for more info and a ton of links to other participants. It’s quite cool to get a glimpse into people’s day’s from all over the world.

6:05 AM – Apparently Hunter doesn’t care that it’s Saturday. The door opens… it must be time to get up. “Mom, you up yet??”


6:15 AM – My new morning routine… what you expected to see numbers… hahahahahhahahahahahahhaha… whew, that’s funny!!


6:52 AM – Grumplestiltskin not happy about breakfast… cereal and peaches.


8:42 AM – The running begins, but before we made it to the car I heard this really cool bird singing. When I looked up I saw this Oriole and actually was able to get a decent shot before he changed trees.


10:53 AM – Just leaving the coolest fruit market by my house: Nino Salvaggios. Yep, it’s already busy.


3:11 PM – Hunter sitting by the door moments after banging on the door to get out. Is the the look of a mischievous little boy or what?


5:17 PM – More errands to Hubby’s favorite store.


5:24 PM – Jakey-Jake waiting for us to come home.


6:21 PM – I was washing dishes when I got totally side-tracked. I was looking out the kitchen window and I saw a coyote come our from behind these trees, but by the time I got my camera and got outside, he was gone. Yes, this is a view from my kitchen window. I love my yard!


6:27 PM – I made chocolate covered strawberries for Mother’s Day. This is a pic of them in the fridge while they were cooling (No pics from making them , I didn’t want to get chocolate on my camera).


6:56 PM – My family (including the pets) amuses me. This is my version of “Chukita” (Dooce’s dog with a banana on his head). I’m certainly no Dooce but Tyler can take Chuck any day! 😉


Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed. I didn’t do the bonus pic this month. I forgot to check what it was until today.

I do want to wish the beautiful and amazing Xander a very happy first birthday!!!

Also, all of my blogging buddies who are Mom’s: I hope you had as wonderful of a Mother’s Day as I have had. Mom’s are amazing!

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