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Move on… nothing to see here…

I really hesitated posting this, it’s embarrassing. And it took me a bit of time to get past thinking I was a total moron. But I guess this is what you get when you have to come up with a post every day. Really… I won’t be offened if you don’t read this… it feels like mindless dribble anyway.

I got an email last night from the chronicles of a cheater website. Yet another victim of one sick man. I would like to say that I am amazed, but I’m not.

Let me back up. Years ago I dated a guy (Scott) that I met on the Internet. He lived about an hour away so we only saw each other once a week or so. We dated for over 6 months. He really irritated me because he was ALWAYS late. I’m not talking 10 minutes, he was habitually ½ hour, 45 minutes late. He had all these other weird quirky things but I just shrugged most of the off. On one occasion, we had plans to go bowling. I got half way there and realized I forgot my bowling ball. I had time before we had to be there, so I went back for my stuff. But I was late meeting Scott. I tried to call several times, but he never had his cell phone on (one of those quirky things).

I arrived 45 minutes late, thinking he would be worried and I felt bad I wasn’t able to get in touch with him. When I walked in the restraint I found him at a table. Not only wasn’t he concerned where I was, he had already ordered dinner. I was a bit surprised… ok, I was completely shocked and spent the whole rest of the night wondering what the hell I was doing with this asshat. (thanks Jenn, I love that word!)

Not long after, I broke up with him via email. It was the only way I had of getting a hold of him. Within hours of breaking it off with him he was trying to hunt me down. (of course I wasn’t home). By that evening I had received an anonymous email telling me about Scott. Basically over the course of the next two weeks I found out this asshat was dating at least 12 other people while he was seeing me. No folks that is not a typo… twelve other women. One of them he was living with. Over the course of time, I have met several of his other victims. He preyed on a certain type of woman.

I say victim, because I felt victimized. He borrowed money, stayed (on occasion) at my home, met my friends and basically burrowed his way into my life pretending to be someone he wasn’t.

Well a couple of years ago I got another anonymous email asking for any information I had on Scott. Well I had almost all of my chats and emails (what? I’m anal like that and at time I thought I might write a book.) This person who contacted me was trying to get her sister away from Scott and she was looking for information to persuade her away.

While I was dating Scott, I googled him more than once. Some of his stories just didn’t make any sense, but he was good. I’m not even sure he knew where the truth ended and the lies began. There where no trails. I even had a police friend of mine (shhhhh) look him up… nothing. No record, not even a parking ticket. Once I found out about the true Scott, I decided I needed to do something. There had to be a way that I could let women know what they were getting into with Scott. It’s only fair. So I put together all of my chats and chats from several of his other victims, um… I mean ex-girlfriends. I created That was over a year ago and the site still gets regular hits. And yesterday I got an email from another victim. It’s truly amazing that someone hasn’t hurt this guy. I shudder to think how many victims are out there. I’m just hopeful the site can give people the information they need to decide if Scott is the kind of person they want to be around.

I feel sad when I hear from someone else who has gone through all the same crap-o-rama.

I hope karma catches you, Scott. And when it does, I don’t want to be anywhere near you.

R is for review

Honestly, the hardest part of the review is checking to see who is still in it or not. Man, I do not envy Fussy . Since I put the r’s in a spreadsheet… what?… I’m anal like that sometimes, I can’t help it. Anyway, since I did that I may just send her the sheet so she can see who is already out. That’s GOT to make it easier. The hardest one I saw was a blog that didn’t post a date on the entry, it posted how long ago the entry was posted. For example: 4 hours ago, 2 days and 8 hours ago or 2 weeks, 4 days ago. I gave up and gave them credit for posting every day, just for the sake of my sanity. However, posting calendars are awesome!! It should be mandatory for blogging contests. Especially contest that have in excess of 1,000 participants.

I know this took me a while, but I was trying to figure out the best way for ME to approach this task. Actually I ended up going through the sites twice. I had started going through the list and then a week went by so I decided to double check who was still in and check out a few more details in some of the blogs.

Okay, on to the R’s… all 78 of them.

Thing’s I’ve discovered:

~Green looks really cool on black, but it’s really hard to read and gives me a headache.
~Audio posts.
~Rambling blogs really can ramble.
~Even for blogging every day, some bloggers have a lot to say.
~Apparently the Internet is now the Internets (I must have missed the memo).
~2878 is WAY too many words for one days blog entry… way too many. I take that back….5881 words is way too many.
~A lot of people try to sell something or just plain ask for donations on their blog.

Some stats (all calculations are approximate):
~People already out: 37%
~Blogs mostly about being a Mom: 21%
~Men (or boy) bloggers: 10%
~The R bloggers have been blogging for an average of 18.5 months

Number of blogs that use the following words (or some form of) in their title.
~Ramble: 10
~Random: 7
~Red: 6
~Read: 4 (I really thought there would be more).
~Reflections: 2 (I thought there would be more of these as well).

Some shout outs:

Radioactive Jam’s post on Biomassive Freakout had me rolling on the floor. Click on the “Wayback” tab while you are there, very cool archive setup. He is definitely going in my blogroll.

On the surface, Reilly’s Best Friend is just another site that has no specific theme, just blogging about happenings and thoughts. Then I realized this blog was written by a twelve year old who gets all A’s. He just turned twelve in November. I’m completely impressed!

You have got to check out this post about beauty over at Red Dragon Lake. It’s a great post and whatever you do, don’t leave with out clicking on the Jake Shimabukuro link. This guy plays “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on the ukulele… it is waaay cool.

Radio Ventriloquist has a peaceful layout and I enjoyed many of the posts. I will definitely be a frequent visitor.

There were a lot of cool layouts or mastheads:
~The Random Muse – check out the “I quit” icon.
~Rancid Raves.
~Random Thoughts.
~Randomness – very clean.
~Rathnait’s Playground I don’t know what the name means, but the layout is cool.
~Repressed Librarian – not only is this a cool layout, but the page change feature is pretty neat. Click on the about me link or something so you can see this cool feature.
~And last but not least, really, really, ridiculously good looking This is one of the coolest layouts I’ve seen. I really, really like it.

For me, reviewing the list of blogs was fun. I would get so sidetracked sometimes. I would be looking at someone’s blog and they would mention something cool or funny they found in someone else’s blog (with a link) and of course I would click the link and look around. Then I would find something in that blog. OOOhh look at all the pretty links.

People blog for a lot of different reasons. I have seen blogs that keep family members up to date (the family that blogs together stays together). Blogs about art, crafts, photos, adoption, horses, computers, gaming, short stories and everything in between. And blog names can be decieving, I’ve seen blogs with the words mother and art in them and they weren’t about either.

The first few virtual pets I saw were cute, now they are kind of obnoxious… they are taking over the Internet (or is it Internets?) hehe.

To those of you that signed up for this challenge and haven’t even bothered to make a post in November – Shame on you! You requested that someone add your address to a long list of people; the least you could do was make a half-assed attempt at posting.

Be sure and check out all the other reviews over at Rashenbo’s place. And don’t forget to drop by the reviewer’s sites.

Rough day for U of M fans

Michigan fans

Today was the last regular season Michigan game. Kevin and Hunter watched it together, again. Hunter in his U of M garb and Dad in his. The picture was taken a month ago, but the sentiment is the same. Father and son bonding… it just can’t begin too soon.

It was a good game but the outcome just wasn’t how we wanted it. No doubt it was the most emotional day for those football players. With Bo passing yesterday and losing to Ohio State today. I’m hopeful disappointment doesn’t weigh too heavy on those kids tonight.


I was really planning on having the R review done today, but I’m not quite done writing it yet. (That pesky real life getting in the way again). I have spent so much time reviewing; I don’t want to just throw some crap-o-rama together for you to read. I want to be able to pass some enlightenment on. It’s the least I could do.


…find out what it means to me

I am so glad that there weren’t cell phones when I worked the counter at a fast food restaurant – a long time ago.

This morning I was behind this chickie at Starbucks and she was on the phone. I, too was on the phone when I walked in the store, but I was finishing up my conversation with my hubby about something daycare related. I got off the phone, literally as I was walking into the establishment. The chickie in front of me never asked who she was talking to to hold on or anything. She just kept right on talking on the phone and never even spoke to the girl behind the counter except to tell her what she wanted. No “thank you”, no “have a nice day” … nothing.

Can you imagine the outrage chickie would have had if the shoe was on the other foot. What if she walked into Starbucks and the girl behind the counter was on the phone and kept talking through the whole course of the transaction. I can only imagine that chickie would have been mad, I know I would have been.

Out in the parking lot, I was standing on the curb waiting for a car to pull out and out came chickie… right out into the parking lot, never even pausing for the car that was trying to back out and she was still on her phone. I guess I just don’t appreciate the rudeness that some people exhibit on a daily basis.

But then I am the kind of person that speaks to people as I pass them by, whether I know them or not. If you were walking towards me on the sidewalk, on most occasions I would say “how ya doing?”. No… not in a Joey way… silly. I was just raised that way.

I think respect should be taught to each and every person. No, not in school, but at home. It should start at home. Over the past year, I have often said: as long as I can raise my son to be respectful of himself, other people and their things and animals, I will consider myself successful. Doesn’t it all really start with respect?

If I had a brain…

should be the title, not ”If I Did It”.

I know exactly where I was when this verdict was announced. It was October 3rd, 1995, the day after my 32nd birthday. I was crossing the Mackinac bridge on my way to a week in the Upper Peninsula.

I was completely enthralled with that silly trial. I watched a lot of it… I mean … a lot of it!

I wasn’t there so I obviously can’t say one way or another if O.J. is guilty or not (unlike the rest of the world). But whether he did it or not, what balls this man has.

Some letters …

Dear Mr. Skunk,

I would really appreciate it if you would not spray the Big Brown Dog. He is still a puppy (sort of) and he doesn’t understand that you are not a kitty, like he has inside. He just wants to play “chase me” with you.

If you can not abide by the rules, I am afraid I will have to ask you to move to someone else’s property.

Thank you!

Dear Big Brown Dog,

If you do NOT stop chasing the kittys with the white stripe I am going to have to kick your ass!! I am tired of smelling skunk! I am sorry I had to leave you tied up outside for the morning but you were not coming in the house smelling like that. Also, if you would like to not be bathed in peroxide, baking soda and dish soap and further, not be rinsed in cold-ass water, stop chasing the skunks!! It’s pretty simple really.

I love ya buddy, but I just can’t deal with this crap!

Dear everyone else,

Do you smell something? You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?


plus this:
equals this: 100_0334