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Weekly winners

Novermber 25th to December 1st.

Me and my man.
Me & my man

My boys.
My boys

How to eat ice cream.
How to eat ice cream IV, by Hunter


Bath time, sort of.
Bath time - sort of.

I’m sure it’s not the drunken photos you were expecting. But I also expected to have a designated driver and I didn’t. So you just have to settle for pictures of good friends, slightly lite. hehehe


Weekly Winners

November 18th – 24th

Back to the books
"Back to the books"
{click on this photo and read the notes}

Snow on the pumpkin
Snow on the pumpkin

Hair by Yams
Hair by yams
{straight out of the camera}

Family lovin’
Family love

Not morphed – caught mid-head shake
Mid head shake

Ice flower
Ice flower

Rose Hips
Rose hips

Flowers:”We’re not ready”
"not ready yet"
{another, straight out of camera}

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Weekly Winners

November 11th – 17th

These are my favorite photos that I took this week. Go check the other Weekly Winners out, just click the logo (if I did it right).

Random Sleepage
Random sleepage

The Doctor’s Office

Bats in the cave
bats in the cave

The Big Brown Dog
"Something bad is about to happen, I can feel it."


Blooming Sisters
late blooming sisters

Do you see faces?
Do you see faces?