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Silly isn’t it?

It feels like I have to post something.

It’s been kind of a rough day and the little guy is STILL awake – seriously cutting into my ME time. WTF. He better not be up at 7 AM or I’m going to be very testy tomorrow too.

But Sheryl, why was today so rough? you ask.

Well, you know yesterday when I used the Placecard post because I was going out with some old friends and MY HUSBAND? Well my dear hubby had to work late and couldn’t go. Also, he has to be at work at 5:00 AM this morning. So I hadn’t seen my hubby for days. And today’s half a day of work didn’t end until after 3:30 PM.

We had decided in advance to do some Saturday errand together. So they didn’t start until after 4. What a waste of the day… waiting for someone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at my hubby. But I HATE his employer. How do you get away with not telling your employees how long they are going to be working? How do you get away with making people work ridiculous hours this week for inventory and then cut their hours to less than 40 next week? Well, at least that is what they say now. Man, I sure wish hubby could find a new gig. But how do you job hunt when you have been working 5 or 6 AM to 7 to 9 PM? Stupid stupids!

Stop by tomorrow for pictures. I was going to post some today, but I decided to post them tomorrow with my weekly winners. You’ve got to come back and see the one of Hunter in the bathtub WITH his pj’s on. I was warming the water up before I put the plug in the drain. Walked into his room to get a diaper and some clothes. Came back into the bathroom and there he was, IN the tub, playing IN the water IN his footy pajamas. Priceless. And honestly, very scary… I was literaly gone for seconds. I don’t think I would have left the shower doors open, if the stopper had been in… but I’m not sure… however… now I am.



What happened to my post from yesterday??


Off to investigate….

Ok, I found it in my drafts folder, wtf. So I edited the timestamp. I hope that’s not considered cheating, I really thought I posted it last night. I must have not hit the “Post” button. I usually verify that my post is up, but I was tired last night so perhaps I forgot. Either way, mystery solved.


is the 12th of the month and I am hoping to remember to capture my 12 of 12. Whoot!

Space storms affecting blog comments?

You know for a while I thought I was losing my mind… and obviously that potential is still there. But I am quite sure I have been posting some comments and then when I go back either a few minutes later or a day or two my comment isn’t there. I have seen a few people mention that they were having problems posting comments, but I didn’t think anything of it. Because I always preview my comments (just to see how it will look and give myself one more chance to check for typos). The comments have always been there.

But this time I KNOW I posted the comment (I even still have it in word!) and when I go back it’s not there. WTF. Now I can think of at least 3 occasions in the past 2 weeks that I have posted comments and then they were gone. Like I said, I thought it was just me… but now I know, it’s some kind of conspiracy!.

Here is my most recent comment for Jenn

“When I was in school it was marbles and you played marbles (imagine that) to get someone elses. There weren’t stickers yet.

If you were cool, you kept your stickers in a purple “Crown Royal” type of bag.

Stickers would have been so much more fun. Even tho’ those steelies were pretty cool. Perhaps I was a pioneer tho’, I used to cut out comics and cool sayings and tape them to my folders.

I feel old…”

I know I posted a comments on Stepherz’ site and over at Mommy Grows Up. I figured Kelly was just monitoring her comments, but apparently that’s not the case. I have also had to fish out one of Stepherz comments from the Spam Trash.

Wonkey things going on people!

Maybe it was just the space storm.

Yea… that’s it.

I had to ‘Refresh’ the page… I’m a dork… move on… nothing to see here….

Good thing it’s Friday…. sigh

Thanks Fussy!!!

I wonder how many blogs posted today started with “Well, it’s the last day of NaBloPoMo…”

I’m not surprised that I was able to post everyday… it’s kinda like a dare thing. Dare me and I usually do it. Plus, I’m pretty big on commitments that I make.

I have enjoyed this challenge on so many levels. Apparently my writing is witty enough or interesting enough to keep 40 to 50 people coming back on a regular basis. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (I don’t know why). This is significantly up from my four regular readers I had before.

I really enjoyed reviewing the R’s and the T’s. It was great going through every single blog in those categories. I hope to be able to run through some of the other letters… stopping at every single blog. Just going through those two letters I have found some absolutely hilarious people. I have also found people that I find extremely interesting and I just enjoy getting a peek into their lives.

My next project will be compiling all of my favorites and updating my blogroll. I will probably do a separate page to house those links. I have to gather all my fav’s from my two computers at home and my one at work. I have those puppies scattered everywhere. I figured having them in three different places was better than forgetting about them and not being able to find them again.

I know I will continue to post more than I did before the challenge. I am also going to try and comment more. I do read quite a few blogs regularly and I hope to let those folks know that I appreciate what they share.

Speaking of sharing…

Even tho’ you’ve been able to see them on the side bar, I do want to share my most recent Hunter photos. He has been a rolling over Mofo lately. Yesterday morning when I went in to get him in the morning, this is what I was greeted with.
Good morning Mom
I didn’t even know he was awake, not to mention obviously waiting for me.

Finally, thanks Fussy. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. How does it feel to touch so many people’s lives?

This is T

Still the hardest part is going through all the posts trying to determine who is still in the running and who isn’t. Even harder now that there was almost a whole month of posts to go through for each site. I hope I haven’t done anyone an injustice, but if a blog didn’t strike my fancy, I wasn’t hanging around. So I am sure I missed some quality blogs, but I also found some funny funny stuff. However, with the month coming to a close and the holiday upon us, I had to work fast.

Okay, on to the T’s… all 112 of them.

Thing’s I’ve discovered:
~These reviews are making quite the little thief out of me. I plan on stealing borrowing a few of the ideas and whatnot I have run across.
~Some folks don’t get it. I’m not trying to be mean here, but come on. If you missed a day and then have to ask if that disqualifies you… here’s your sign. It’s not NaBloPoEvOthDaMo people. (Translation: National Blog Posting Every Other Day or so Month.)
~It should have been called NaBloPoMoFo… I saw this in this is not a chair’s blog and I snorted with laughter.
~Teal Whore’s blog is purple. Um…. ok.
~Think Pink isn’t pink
~It’s probably easier to post everyday when there are two people posting (those blogs should have posted two posts a day).
~There are some cartoons even my bizarre sense of humor I just don’t get them. If anyone wants to enlighten me, please feel free. The only one I understand it WTF.

Some stats (all calculations are approximate):
~People already out: 42% (up from the 37 % of the R’s)
~Blogs mostly about being a Mom: 12%
~Male bloggers: 9%
~The T bloggers have been blogging for an average of 18.3 months. This is very close to the 18.5 for the R’s.

7 blogs were crafty in nature
4 blogs were about families with special needs children
2 pregnant women
1 blog is authored by a practicing witch. Hey I liked your blog – don’t turn me into anything.

Number of blogs that use the following words (or some form of) in their title.
~This: 12
~Tales: 7
~Thought(s): 5 (I thought there would be more of these… get it? … thought… oh nevermind.
~Travel: 4

Some shout outs:’s post on So Many Freaks, So Few Circuses made me laugh right out loud. She hasn’t posted since Nov. 13th, but the posts that are there are pretty damn funny. Seriously, you should check this site out.

There is no vodka in this Kool-aid’s site is pretty funny too. In fact yesterday there was a photo of a large flaming finger in the flip off position. I may have to steal borrow that photo. If the F-word offends you, don’t go visiting Bitter Betty’s site. Her Black Friday of Death post is hilarious too.

At thoughts of a crazy redhead there are a few posts called “life in numbers” and it makes a kinda cool little theme for a post. Again, something I might steal borrow. Plus there are bonus points for having a cool layout.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Through The Looking Glass and Thinking About…. These are both well written blogs that I visit everyday and have for some time now. Intelligent women posting about everything.

Ok … onto the of cool layouts or mastheads:

~Tammy’s Life has a cool Christmas theme but I have to admit it kinda freaks me out. I still have leftover turkey in the fridge – it’s just too early for Christmas. Let the song be your guide… it’s 12 days of Christmas, not 35! Seriously, very cool layout!

~Tennesee Text Wrestling

~Terminally Cute Check this one out for BONUS BUFFY INFO… OMG it’s good!!!

~ To Breathe

~Troll Baby

No Virtual Pets this time around, must have been an R thing.

But again, WTF people… to those of you that signed up for this challenge and haven’t even bothered to make a post in November – Shame on you! You requested that someone add your address to a long list of people; the least you could do was make a half-assed attempt at posting.

I have found an equally diverse group of bloggers in the T’s as I found in the R’s. I think it’s cool that the Internet has become a tool for families to stay up to dates with each other, but part of that makes me sad as well. I would venture to guess one could find a person blogging about anything. I do think it gives people a sense of community – I know it does for me. Just going through the R’s and the T’s I bet I have added at least 8 to 10 new blogs to my list of favorites. They are not in my blogroll yet, but they are in my Favorites list. I hope you that are reading have enjoyed the reviews as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Be sure and check out all the other reviews over at Rashenbo’s place. And don’t forget to drop by the reviewer’s sites.

Numfar… do the dance of joy!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hurry hurry hurry…

WordPress is about to perform some database maintenance and will not be available. Don’t they know about NaBloPoMo?

Anyway, today I finished going through all the blogs that start with the letter T. Tomorrow I will post the review. I have to say I am baffled by human behavior. Again, I saw blogs that joined NaBloPoMo and didn’t even make one single post… wtf?

See you tomorrow!

Ok Christina… shut up!

I am the only Mofo at work in my department today… wtf. Once again, no memo for Sheryl. No one told me they wouldn’t be here. There are only 4 of us that work in this general area. How hard is it to let folks know you won’t be in?

It’s kinda nice being the only one here, except for the creepiness of it. But I have gotten a ton of stuff done today, but I have to tell you, I’m about done. I forgot the CD’s I was listening to (Justin and Pink). All I have here is Christina Aguilera Stripped and I am just about sick of it. The reason this really sucks… I can listen to my music as loud as I want since I’m the only one here. I love this Christina album… but come on… FOUR times… yep, I’m done… I don’t care if she’s leaving today… just go damn it!… sorry, that’s what she was just singing.

I think I am going to leave right after I finish this post. I didn’t go to lunch ( I was afraid I wouldn’t come back) so I can leave early.


Forcing myself to type an entry everyday (a meaningful entry) has been fairly easy. And based on some of the comments I get, my four readers are satisfied. I honestly have only had a couple of days that I just didn’t want to, but did for the sake of NaBloPoMo Like yesterday, for example.

I have found some new blogs that I enjoy reading – and the bonus is they are posting everyday! I have mixed emotions about volunteering to be a review. I love that I have to got to sites and look around, but I have sort of limited myself to the R’s and now the T’s as I still have one review to do. A couple of my regular readings fall into the T’s – bonus! I plan on going back to the list after November and spend sometime looking through more blogs.

It kinda sucks for those I read who aren’t involved – now it seems as though it’s been forever since some of them have updated their sites. 😉

I saw someone mention this already, but it’s going to be a huge wasteland on the Internet(s) on December 1st. I’m hopeful to continue posting a lot.


Sorry I haven’t been posting photos lately ( I really like the way they snazz up the place) I just haven’t had made the time to take any cool pics. Soon, I promise.

Happy Friday everyone.

To my blogging friends,

Thank you for the joy you each bring me. Whether it’s your blog that I read, a comment that you leave or both – thank you.

That’s all I’ve got… I busy spending quality time with my family.

I hope everyone had way too much too eat!

Just in case…

I don’t get a chance to post until the evening hours of Turkey Day, I’m going for the early well wishing. I can’t think of a better way to wish my Internet friends a Happy Turkey day… my two favorite charactors:

Happy Thanksgiving!

And to my Canadian friends… now it’s our turn, let the over-eating begin!!

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