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They have threatened to slash my tires…

Yep, these folks I work with have gotten down right tribal. But Sheryl, you ask, what could possibly have them so angry at you?

10 more pounds, bitches*! I lost ten more pounds in the most recent installment of Fit With Finance and I may** very well have won another 150 bucks!!

In case anyone is keeping tack; that’s 30 pounds since April! Woo hooo!!

When I called my husband to tell him he may have to pick me up and buy new tires about my potential win, he said:

“Congratulations baby. And you look good too; I was noticing your butt when you went up the stairs yesterday.”

Now I don’t know how he hadn’t been noticing my big butt all along, but I’ll take the compliment!

* Sorry, I can’t really call them bitches to their face so I have to blow off the steam here.

** One more chicka has to weigh in, but she’d only lost 7 lbs and she’s currently at a family reunion where I know she plans on eating. Final results Monday.


And the winner is…

Today was the final weigh-in for the Fit with Finance contest here at work. Are you ready?

Drum roll please…

I have lost a total of 21 pounds!!! That’s 21, baby! In addition to being 21 pounds lighter, I am $170 richer! I can’t tell you how excited I am.

In other related news, we had a health fair at work today. I stopped by the nutritionist’s table. The lady there had a “private practice [she] owned and operated”. She is a “Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist with more than thirty years of experience.” I’m thinking, great I will stop by her table and see what I can learn. Then it occurred to me that this woman was quite heavy and really didn’t look very healthy(sorry if that doesn’t sound very nice, I’m just being honest). How am I supposed to take nutritional advice from this woman?. One of her flyers (advertising her service) said, in big bold letters “Feel Look Work Better through Improved Nutrition”. I gotta wonder if her advice works – it really didn’t seem to be working for her? How am I supposed to take nutrition advice from a person who obviously wasn’t passionate about what she was teaching. Wouldn’t that be like taking drivers’ education from someone with a suspended license?

Don’t forget tomorrow is 12 of 12 day. I may even snap a pic of my new 21 lb lighter body. 😉