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May 12 of 12

Better late than never…
May 12 of 12

Here is my 12 of 12 submission… a bit later than usual, but still taken on the 12th. I didn’t realize it was the 12th until I was already at work, so I used my cell phone to do this month’s 12 of 12. Man was it difficult trying to figure out how to get pics off my phone in bulk, but I got it now. Another issue was when I transfered the songs, I lost the date and time. I can assure you they were taken on the 12th, but the times are all estimated… sorry.

If you want to find out more about the 12 of 12 project, go check out Chad’s site.

I just happened to take this picture before I left for work so I could show it off, so now it is my 1st 12 of 12 pic.

7:30-7:40 am – This is my Mother’s Day present from my Mom. She cut out pictures of me and Hunter together and put them in a collage. It’s amazing.
How cool is this?

5:12 pm – I know the time on this one, because it’s in the picture. I love this song and even moreso I love my Sirius Radio.
Hot for Teacher.

5:15 pm – me in the mirror, on the way home from work.
Just me

5:45 pm -ish. Hunter all buckled in and ready to go home and telling me all about his day.
Telling me about his day

5:45 pm -ish. Hunter eating a giant strawberry on the way home from daycare. I think he loves strawberries as much as he loves bananas.

6:10 pm – ish. Hunter wants to swing, what a shock.
A boy and his swing set

6:10 pm – ish. Hunter on his swing.

6:30 pm – ish. Hunter eating the rest of the potato salad from his lunch. Some days this boy eats like a horse.
potato salad

6:45 pm – ish. Hunter giving the dogs the what for, while I made dinner.

7:15 pm – ish. Hubby doing the dishes. That’s our deal, one cooks and the other does the dishes. (No, he’s not nude) hehehe
My Man...

7:30 pm – ish. Watching the Survivor Season Finale on DVR. I love the DVR, but man was it difficult trying to avoid spoilers…. I was able to, my Hubby, not so lucky, but he didn’t spoil it for me.

8:15 pm – ish. Shouldn’t everyone have a picture of their young son with woman’s underwear on their head?
16 years later...

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And I would be a real shlub if I didn’t with Xan a great big happy 2nd birthday. I hope is was your best ever. Hehehe. Happy Birthday Buddy!!! xoxoxo