I’m such a gadget ho

I have a new phone, the LG Voyager and I have to say I am in love with this little piece of machinery.

Okay, here is just one example of how much I dig this thing. This is a picture I took of Hunter with my cell phone:

Big ole smile
It’s loaded into flickr so you can click on it if you want to see a larger version.

Yea, work is still very busy, but life is good.

I’m reading blogs when I can and commenting, also when I can… I have to tell you it’s not much. But I am still trying to keep up as much as I can.

But it is also spring in Michigan and the weather has been incredible. So I am trying to spend as much time outside with my son as I can so the computer has taken a backseat. Sorry everyone, but I’m sure you understand and would do the exact same thing. Well, unless you aren’t much of an outdoor kinda person.



  1. darlene Said:

    i would totally be doing the same thing if it wasn’t snowing like crazy out there and cold and did i mention that it has been snowing for three days pretty much non stop now. sigh. glad someone is enjoying some warm spring weather 🙂

  2. Rhonda Said:

    It’s already summer here in Texas….we reached 88 degrees today. So, I will be doing the exact opposite of you…spending more time inside on the computer. 🙂

    Great cell phone photo! My iPhone takes pretty nice photos, but I wish it had a flash.

  3. causecast Said:

    dayum – that’s some photo from a cell phone!

    He’s got the cutest goofy smile 🙂

  4. Meghan Said:

    That’s from your cell phone? You’ve got to be kidding me. Wow.

    Then again, I’m a sucker for Hunter smileage from ANY camera!

  5. Stepherz Said:

    The weather is divine here too! I don’t blame you one bit. Blogs are meant for anything but writing out of obligation. Go! Enjoy that sweet fella and all that sunshine! We’ll be here when you get back (unless we’re outside having a marg and cooking on the grill!)!

  6. Rhonda Said:

    Come inside and post some photos!!!

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