April 12 of 12

April 12 of 12

You can read more about Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 Project here. Plus there are cool pics from all over the world.

Since April’s 12 of 12 was on a Saturday… mine had a slow start.

11:30 AM Hunter’s Piggy Bank. We received an email about boycotting the new one dollar coins because they supposedly don’t say “In God We Trust”. I thought they did, so I had to get out Hunter’s piggy bank to check. Every time I get one of those coins, it goes into Hunter’s bank. To solve the mystery… it DOES day “In God We Trust” on the rim of the coin. You just can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.
Piggy bank

2:56 PM I wanted to make a point of getting out and taking some pictures, I’ve just been so busy. This is one of my favorite flowers: hyacinth. They smell amazing and I have them lining the path to the front door. My flickr page has a few more pics, but I liked this one best.
spring blooms

2:57 PM More of my Hyacinth’s.
Pink hyacinth

3:00 PM Tyler…poor Tyler. Looking outside from the inside, but still on the outside of the livingroom.
Outside ... yet inside

3:03 PM “Which crayon shall I unwap now?”
"Which crayon shall I unwrap now?"

3:26 PM These next three shots illustrate how quickly Hunter can go from one thing to another. This is his “I’m about to get into something, are you watching me” look.
"I'm not doing anything"

3:26 PM On the phone. All those toys and he has to play with an old phone.

3:27 PM Reflections. Hunter is fascinated with his own reflection. Here he is talking to himself in the fireplace glass.

4:20 PM On our way to run errands. Seems we always have to chase Hunter down. He LOVES being outside.
"I love the outdoors"

5:16 PM Just leaving Target… in the rain.

6:28 Now we are leaving Meijers, all the running is done. Let’s go eat.
Saturday errands

6:29 :PM This shot was taken over my shoulder… not bad. That blue, is from Hunter’s new plastic bat.
Eyes in the back of my head

Well, there you have it. Part of my Saturday. Every time I do one of these I realize that I just don’t make enough time to take pictures. But I did thoroughly enjoy my Saturday with my family, just chillin’ and being together… it had been a few weeks since that happened.

Don’t forget to check out the other 12 of 12. There are some amazing photographers that participate.



  1. Jason Said:

    Cute pics!
    I love the flowers.

  2. Lisa Said:

    Wow, you have some lovely pics of your day. The hyacinths are beautiful and a really lovely shot of Hunter on the phone.

  3. My Mum loves hyacinths too, we have a few by our door – great photos of them! And I love the trio of Hunter photos in the middle (the talking at the fireplace, the “What can I do and are you watching me” ones), plus the crayon photo!

    My 12 is late, as I planned a London weekend to give me a more interesting 12, and I only got back last night!

  4. Stepherz Said:

    Sheryl! These pics are fantastic! You’re getting good, Lady!

    He’s getting so big. Man. They hurry, don’t they?

  5. nikki Said:

    I so dislike shopping at Meijers. It takes forever to get through the lines!
    Pretty flowers pictures!

  6. Scooter Said:

    Amazing pix! My fav is the one of your son on the phone. He looks so serious!

  7. Meghan Said:

    Ditto what Steph said. Grrrl… you are ROCKING that 40D!!

  8. causecast Said:

    I love the flower pictures! Not only for their beauty and elegance, but also because it means that you have a hint of spring in Michigan! Always a touchy subject this time of year. And it looks like they’re getting plenty of rain. April Showers…. hopefully you have some sun in there too!

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