You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!!!

I can’t tell you how pissed off I am!! It should be no secret that I am a WWE fan. Particularly Ric Flair, The Nature Boy… Wooooooooooo

I’m a huge fan of his, I don’t know why, I just am.

So when I found out he was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame I knew I had to DRV it. Today when Hunter was taking his nap, I turned it on to watch it. It originally aired last night, pretty late.

So I am sitting here, fast forwarding thru the commercials. Triple H finally comes out and says a few words. They show the Ric Flair montage… very cool. Couple more commercials and then Triple H comes back and is saying his final words before the Natch comes out… and the DVR stops… “End of Event”…WTF.

I did a search… it’s not coming on again. It’s worse when you think you taped something and then you go to watch it and …. it’s not there, then if you forgot to tape it altogether. It used to make me insane when this happened when I was trying to tape Buffy. But I thought this wouldn’t be an issue with a DVR. I thought it was supposed to know when something started late or was running late.

Shit… I’m so disappointed. I have to go search the Internet for it now. I sure hope I can find it…


Congrats Ric Flair!!




  1. Meghan Said:

    I’m so sorry you missed that, but you have to know how hard I’m laughing right now. I never pegged you as a WWE fan!

  2. Meghan Said:

    Oh, and you’ve got to read the blog entry I read RIGHT AFTER this one:


    Crazy little world.

  3. Rhonda Said:

    I wouldn’t have thought of you as a WWE fan either. I do like Hulk Hogan…does that count?

  4. Stepherz Said:

    Hulk Hogan is my boyfriend. Older, partly bald, bleach blond men are so HOTT. And I’m with Rhonda– Does Hulk count?

  5. Kayte Said:

    haha I love the not-so-closet WWE obsession! I’m sure what you’re looking for will turn up on YouTube sooner or later – good old internet.

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