Dyson Love

As if there aren’t enough reasons to love a Dyson, I have a few more.

While vacuuming the steps this weekend, I noticed the Dyson was making a funny noise. Not a loud clunking noise or anything. . just a subtle change in hum. I checked it for suction; it was sucking just fine (insert your own dirty joke here).

The change in hum was just bugging me so I turned the vacuum off and turned it over. Everything looked normal. So I started taking it apart. All the diagrams are right on the vacuum, so there is no guess work. At least no guess work once you figure out the whole thing comes apart, anyway.

To take any part of the Dyson off you basically have to push a button or move a lever, no screwdrivers, allan wrenches or even hammers (ha) needed. I took the filter off and there was a piece of tissue in one of the tube areas. I’m not really surprised, that Dyson will pick up damn near anything! Really… keep reading.

After I realized how to get the “U” shaped pipe off the bottom (it’s really easy, I just didn’t even realize it came off). Once I got it off I found the noise culprit: it was a piece of plastic cutlery – specifically a knife. Yes, at some point I sucked up a plastic knife in my Dyson… and it continued to work… and work well.

Now that I have discovered how easily my Dyson comes apart, I have done it two more times. Once to show my Mom how cool it was and once to show my husband. Hunter thinks it’s cool, because it really is so easy; I let him put the pieces back.

A plastic knife, people… it. was. a. plastic. knife. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love my Dyson even more now.



  1. nikki Said:

    I need a Dyson now. Do you think it would vacuum up disgruntled husbands?

  2. Kayte Said:

    haha nice! At least you know your floors are getting clean 🙂

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