She lives….

Yep folks, I’m alive. Work has been extremely busy and I have been spending my spare time (what little of it I have) reading about photography lighting. I have also been playing – which is the best way to learn, especially when it comes to lighting.

I ordered a cheapy (but effective) remote trigger for my flash. I have also been doing a lot of reading on strobist what an amazing site. If you are interested in light at all, you need to stop by this site. But only go when you have a ton of time. There is a ton of information there. The people that participate over there have a real passion for light and a real passion for sharing that information.

First test with remote flash trigger. Obviously I didn’t have a clue what the hell I was doing. But I do thing the eerie effect is kinda cool.
Eerie light

Bounced light – nice and even – getting the hang of things.
above light playing

Back lighting with a quickie hand-made snoot makes some cool effects.
Backlight playing

Now for some playing pictures with my favorite subject.
MesmerizedHarshIntenseDifferent angle

Isn’t this a great pose?
Posing for Mom (finally)

Lastly… a picture from last month of our beloved Jakey-Jake.
Red riding Jake

Poor Jake is at the vet as we speak. He has a blockage in his bladder and the vet came and picked him up last night. I know we have 3 other animals, who, by the way, still can’t figure out what Jake did to warrant being locked in the bathtub all day and then removed from the house by THAT guy in a diaper box… like I was saying… I know we have 3 other animals, but I still miss Jake. I know he has to be freaking out. I just hope he will be home with us soon happy and healthy as always.


Work. Ah, work…

That’s a whole other post.

Oh yea, one last thing…
To whoever was searching for “like I’ve been hit by a fucking truck” and found my site… I hope you feel better soon.



  1. Meghan Said:

    I’m going to have to check out Strobist. I love the lighting on the second to last photo of H-man.

    Also, poor Jake! I hope he’s all better and back home soon.

  2. nikki Said:

    Like I’ve been hit by a fucking truck…yeah, that was me. Sorry!

    (Hunter is getting so big! When did that happen?!)

  3. That last comment about the search string, made me laugh. I mean, WTF?

    I was wondering where you are, so it’s good to see you’re back! Hope JJ’s back and better soon, and sorry about the hour lost – I saw another US friend mention that, and I’ve not changed – I was sure the UK changed before the US, at least in the autumn. Hmm, better go find out!

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