1st Camera Lesson of 2008

We went to Toledo this weekend to bowl in the Forty-Frame Game. We do this every year with a bunch of our friends. We leave the little guy with Grandma and party all week-end with our friends. It’s usually a drink-fest, but since I have a sinus infection and a double ear infection I was the designated driver all weekend.

So Saturday morning, I was running around trying to get the last minute packing done (Kev had to work). I was trying to get the last minute cleaning done (my MIL stayed at the house to watch the boy and his dogs). And of course I was doing all this without a list and with what felt like a large bath towel stuffed in my head.

I really thought I covered everything, I even threw my camera battery on the charger.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. Everyone’s drinking (except me) and having a good time when a friend of our’s from Petosky says: “Ok Mom, lets see some pics of the little guy.”

Now, I don’t carry pictures around with me (I don’t carry a purse). But I always have my camera and there are always pics of Hunter on the card and they are usually the most recent. So I grab my camera, turn it on… nothing. For a split second I panic thinking what’s wrong with my camera. Then I flip open the battery compartment… empty.

Which brings me to Camera Lesson #1 for 2008…

I have never figured I would need a back up battery for my camera. I’m not even remotely a professional, so there is no way I would use my entire battery life in one shoot. Nope… one battery was fine for me.

I rack my brain trying to remember what I did with that dang battery. I remember taking it off the charger, but after that the sinus medicine takes over. I must have left it on the kitchen table or something while I was gathering last minute snacks. Shit! I had no battery for my camera. I couldn’t show off pics of my cutie-patootie. I couldn’t take pictures of our drunken friends. Nothin! Man was I bummed.

So today I ordered an extra battery. I now understand my need for an extra battery – once I get it, it will forever be in my camera bag.

Incidentally, I did find the battery…. In my makeup bag. I probably grabbed it off the charger (which was plugged in in the bathroom) and stuffed it in my makeup bag. I don’t have a clue why I would stuff it in there. I wasn’t even wearing makeup. I’m such a dork.



  1. nikki Said:

    Hey, you remembered your camera. That’s one step above me!

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I’ve forgotten to charge mine on important occasions. That’s always a bummer. Good for you ordering another!

  3. Kayte Said:

    doh! Having two is definitely good – I just a got second one early this month, and the security of knowing you have a backup is priceless.

  4. I usually remember to charge the battery, but I tend to take it out of the camera when I’m not using it. The other day (Feb 12th), I took photos on the way to work, and took the battery out at work. At lunch, I went to take photos and – nothing. No power. Thought it was odd, because normally the screen at least flashes “change battery pack”. Got annoyed with myself, and carried on my walk to McD’s for lunch.

    Sit down, and eureka! I remember taking the battery out when I got to work – that’s why it didn’t flash “change battery pack”!

    I think we’ve all had D’Oh moments, with batteries!

  5. Jenn Said:

    I am AWESOME at putting things in weird places. But only when I’m not paying attention.

    I believe “silly jenn” is driving the brain at those moments.

  6. Dawn Said:

    Oh this is totally my life. Like when we drove cross country with ONE of Alex’s shoes b/c the other was in a coat pocket (at home) so I would “remember to put it with the other one”.


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