You know, I feel like I should clarify my WTF post from yesterday.

I guess I was trying to be polite. I am also not trying to give too much information about the incident that happened this week because I work in a very public place. But sometimes I just feel like I want to vent and frankly that is part of the reason I blog.

There is a lot of negative energy where I work. It’s seriously… bad for your soul. I’m not talking puts you in a bad mood, or makes you grumpy… I’m talking bad for your soul.

The person I was referring to when I spoke of the person who was being mean and evil, wasn’t just being bitchy. If you are being bitchy? …I can deal.

But if you are being evil? That’s just not right.

I’ve been a manager for several years (even tho’ I am not any longer). I think I have pretty tough skin. I guess it just makes me SAD when people are evil intentionally. Even more so when people are that way to people they don’t even know. When you base your evilness on rumors or speculation. It’s just senseless to me.

I know… why don’t you spend half the time you spend spreading rumors and speculation and spend that time getting to know the person you are evil to. You might get a surprise.

But you know, I can’t change some circumstances, I just have to deal. So, now what I do… every night when I walk out the door of work, I make it point to look directly at the garbage can (it literally sits 1 foot from the front door). I look at that can and leave all this heavy bullshit behind.

Nikki – your kind of bitchy doesn’t scare me. Embrace it, you may need it someday. LOL
Steph – when you go back to work, you will be fine. It’s the commute that worries me. LOL

Everyone – Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, but mostly… thanks for not being evil.



  1. Rhonda Said:

    Leaving the B.S. at the door is a good idea. I used to take it all home with me and soon work was giving me IBS…and I promise they aren’t worth that! 😉

  2. Joy T. Said:

    Catching up and have to say it sucks that work is so bad. It sounds like you can handle it but still….you shouldn’t have to.

  3. nikki Said:

    Lots of BS = bad juju. Good job at trying to leave it at work and not bringing it home.

  4. Stepherz Said:

    I’m glad that you are able to leave that negativity when you leave the job. I know from experience how hard that can be. I worked with a man at my last job that was SUCH a bitch– vindictive and mean. It helped that all the other co-workers were fantastic. I can relate to where you are and I hope that things get better. Or that you win the lottery. Or that your dream position comes to fruition. Hugs to you!

  5. Jenn Said:

    Oh, I so understand what you are saying.


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