WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday as stolen from my buddy Rhonda.

I’m driving from work to pick up the Bug and I hear the beginnings of Janet Jackson’s Black Cat. Cool! I’m thinking, I haven’t hear the song in awhile I can jam out (Bug’s not in the car yet).

I’m listening to XM satellite radio, if anyone cares. Normally, I’m a Siruis person, but XM came for a few months free in my new lease vehicle.

So, I’m jamming… waiting for Janet to start singing…

…and waiting….

…and waiting….

The singing NEVER starts. WTF. Oh and as a side note, without the lyrics, Black Cat sounds like a guitar and a cow bell. It was very hard to listen too… but I kept thinking the singing would surely start any minute now.


Why do people who don’t even know you, but work at the same place try to intentionally be mean or evil or just plain try to make you feel uncomfortable around them? And then, not 2 minutes later, use those same lips to say how you know God will take care of you? WTF.

Do you think intentionally being a bitch to someone is acceptable behavior in God’s eyes? Because if you do, I sure hope we believe in two different Gods.



  1. Kayte Said:

    lol Rhonda’s blog is funny – love the story of her daughter repeating swear words in the car, haha

  2. nikki Said:

    I’m just a bitch to everyone so no one feels singled out. (j/k)

  3. Stepherz Said:

    I loved Nikki’s coment! Lol.

    I find that working with women is difficult. Working with men isn’t easy either. They wouldn’t notice me unless my shirt buttons blew off and my tits plopped out on my desk.

    I don’t look forward to going back into the workworld– 5 years older, 5 years dustier, and 5 years more cynical. No one is going to hire me after this break. Ughhh.

  4. Rhonda Said:

    Thanks Kayte! And LOL to Nikki.

    Stories like this make me glad I work for myself. I haven’t been in a corporate setting for 7 years and I remember the bitchy women, and the backstabbers, and the gossips, etc. It was like grade school with better clothes.

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