January 12 of 12

I got a late start today. I made a mental note on Friday that Saturday was the 12th. And promptly forgot Saturday morning. By the time I remembered the day was more than half over. So lucky you, you missed me cleaning out the fridge and grocery shopping… I know you’re bummed.

Welcome to the middle of my Saturday.

3:43 PM Hunter throwing the ball to Tyler. Originally this pic was too dark, but I lightened it. I like the graininess of the lighter photo.
Throwing the ball

3:45 PM Sleeping Jakey-Jake. Well, trying to sleep, anyway.
Quality sleeping time

4:27 PM Dad spending some quality time with Hunter, reading him his favorite book.
Quality time

4:31 PM Outside with the dogs. Of course Tyler wants to play catch… anything will do… even a stick. “Come on… throw the stick… come on!”

4:32 PM Buds? Are those buds? The poor trees, the weather has been so confusing here. It’s January in Michigan and we’ve had 16 inches of snow, 10 degree weather, 65 degree weather and a butt-load of rain… And it’s only the 12th.

4:38 PM In an effort to catch up to 12 pictures, here is a picture of what I did this morning. I cleaned out the fridge – I’m talking took everything out including the shelves. Wiped everything down and re-organized the whole damn thing. Then I went grocery shopping.
Clean and full

4:42 PM Lesson for the day; don’t go grocery shopping hungry. 😉 Don’t these look good?
Better snack

5:24 PM Snack before dinner. (see, I bought healthy stuff too)

5:27 PM I think Tyler has the right idea. I would sit here and look out the window all day too, if I could.
A room with a view

7:02 PM Doing a fine job using silverware. I’m so proud.
Mastering the fork

7:18 PM Dinner is finally ready.
Dinner's ready

8:46 PM Tyler is really such a good dog. He will tolerate just about anything on his head.
Is there something on my head?

Well, there you have it. My Saturday… well half of it anyway. Now go check out the rest of the participants in Chad’s 12 of 12. I am going to try to do the whole year this year.

A side note: several of these pictures were taken with the flash. I’m quite happy with the results. Using the flash I have seems to be cheaper then buying the 1.8/f lens I want.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!



  1. Kayte Said:

    haha – I totally forgot about 12 of 12 yesterday morning too! Hence the reason all of my photos are taken between 1pm and 4pm 🙂 It looks like you had a wonderful Saturday, and I’m drooling over both the brownies and what looks like chicken and dumplings in that big pot. Mmmmmmmmm!

  2. Joy T. Said:

    I haven’t done 12 of 12 in months and it’s not until I visit you that I remember. I need one big post-it note stuck on my computer because I really enjoyed doing it. These shots are great though, it was nice following you through your day. Supper looks good :o)

  3. Helen Said:

    Tyler and Hunter both look so cute there! And well done on the fridge overhaul – not a nice job to do really, is it?

  4. Scooter Said:

    That picture of your dog with the toy on his head is priceless. But, I’ll bet the cat is the alpha animal!

  5. Stepherz Said:

    Dang, if those aren’t the biggest mustard/mayo bottles I ever saw!

    Love the pic of your hubs reading to Bug. That’s super sweet!

  6. Meghan Said:

    Great 12 of 12!

    The winking Jake photo and Tyler balancing act are awesome!

  7. Bon Said:

    Such lovely photos! Wow!

  8. nikki Said:

    I noticed buds on my bush/tree thing yesterday. Weird freaking weather.

  9. Bill Lipp Said:

    Good doggie : )

  10. Dawn Said:

    It’s allgood 🙂 You got your photos in 🙂

  11. Michele Said:

    The toy on Tyler’s head reminds me of balancing treats on the end of my dog’s nose – she’s with my ex, so I often wonder how she’s doing.

    Wanna come clean my fridge??!! ha!

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