Lots ‘o stuff

There has been lots of stuff going on. Boy am I glad it’s Friday! This week seems to have been full of ups and downs. I thought I was getting an interview for a position in a local city. I was one of 12 candidates. Well, here, read for yourself…

“Congratulations. We have completed our initial screening of applicants for
Controller. The field has been narrowed to twelve candidates. You are one
of the remaining twelve.

The attached “Pre-Interview Screening Questionnaire” is the next step in our
process. It will be used to further narrow the field of candidates who will
be invited to interview. We expect to schedule interviews for Jan 8th and
9th. Please try to keep these dates available.”

I spent 2 days of my vacation working on this “Pre-Interview Screening Questionnaire.”

I haven’t heard anything… anything. I called the person the email was from, this person is also the Department Head over the position I was applying for. I just wanted to confirm that they received my questionnaire since the interviews were scheduled to have already started and I hadn’t heard anything. My inquiry was met with a resounding … “Yes.” How he knew without checking is a mystery to me.

I asked if the interviews were still going to take place… another resounding… “Yes.”

I then confirmed that I would be hearing something one way or another. You guessed it… another “Yes.”

WTF!? Could the guy have been a bigger dick? (or would “smaller dick” be a better insult?) Seriously, after he answered the phone all he said was “yes” three times. And now it’s Friday and I still haven’t heard anything.

Why not just have the balls to tell me I didn’t make the cut? Why not just have the balls to say they found other candidates that were more suited for the position? What. a. dick.

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t want to work for such a personality filled guy anyway.

I’ve been studying photographic light lately. I am really starting to get an understanding of how my Speedlite flash works. I’m also seeing light in a whole… new … well, um … light.

Yea… more on this later.

I was going through my pictures today trying to pick out my best of 2007. I would like to do a post about them at some point. Holy shit, I’ve taken a ton ‘o pictures. I can see where I have improved some. It’s also interesting what I notice in my old pictures now that I am learning about light.

Also, I can’t believe how much Hunter has changed since last year.

mmm... pickle
Hunter, on January 11, 2007.

Holiday smiles
Hunter from Christmas Eve, 2007 almost one year later.

There really is nothing like the feeling of going through old pictures of your child.

Lastly, I’m feeling VERY ranty about the upcoming Michigan Primaries. So guess what? I’m going to vent it here.

Work, kids, photos AND politics… aren’t you glad you read Crap-o-rama??



  1. Joy T. Said:

    I am VERY glad I read Crap-O-Rama!! :o) I just wish I could visit more then I do. It’s amazing to see the changes in Hunter in just one year!

  2. kayte401 Said:

    Ohhhh job hunting sucks so much! It’s full of ups and downs and messes with your emotions. Don’t give up hope though! No matter what date they’re supposed to call you, it inevitably ends up being a week or two later, after you’ve nearly forgotten about it. Until you get a firm “no” – don’t give up hope!

    And I can’t believe how much Hunter has grown! He’s gone from a baby to a little boy! This actually reminds me of a website I saw somewhere, where a group of people took a picture of themselves annually, always in the same way/composition (ei plain background, headshot) and put them all in once place so you could see yourself growing up, aging, changing, whatever over the years. It was really interesting…I wish I could find the link :/ Might be a cool thing to start with Hunter while he’s young!

  3. Jenn Said:

    I don’t understand how much kids change in one year. This seems like crazy troll logic or something. I mean, that second pictures is AT LEAST three years later!

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