2007 is officially in the history books

Lately I haven’t been big on resolutions. I don’t have any fancy expiations for why, I just haven’t. I do spend time reflecting back though… but no regrets!

During my time of reflection (that is so over-used – gah!), I discovered that I have really accomplished a lot this past 12 months.

The actually started out a bit dicey: Mom fell and broke her arm. It was rough for Mom, but also for me as I was taking care of a seven month old and my wonderfully stubborn independent Mom in her 70’s.

My Dad died. I didn’t have a relationship with this man to speak of, but still his passing hit me WAY harder than I expected.

It was pretty clear 2007 was going to be an asshole to me, but I didn’t let it bother me or get me down. Perspective is everything… I wasn’t going to let 2007 do this to me and the grandness that was 2007 started to reveal itself.

Received some insurance money from my Dad – to say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement!

We finished working on the place up north. Now we have real running water and flushing toilets and a wonderfully peaceful get-away to the north.

My Photoshop skills have more than doubled. My photography skills are still a work in progress, but I am pretty happy with several of my pictures. Nice new hobby!

Cleaned out my closet and got rid of* 3 large garbage bags full of clothes. * Of course by saying “got rid of” I was referring to donating them to an organization that passes them on to folks that can use them.

Raised my son for the first full year and he’s not an axe murderer… yet. I may have to research this, but I’m thinking since he is using several sign language signs correctly he may be lowering his possibilities of becoming an axe murderer. And a hint for you young mothers out there: if you want your child to understand the sign for “more” and how to use it correctly, teach it while eating ice cream. Warning: the sign for “more” followed closely by the sign for “please” and an audible “peez” could very well melt your heart.

Started and failed the 365 days project. I was supposed to take a picture of myself everyday for 365 days… I made something like 40. I’ll probably try it again – it was fun.

I completed another successful year of NaBloPoMo (and then promptly fell off the face of the earth).

My favorite reflection of all… my new one! That’s right; I lost 41 pounds in 2007!! AND, I won $320 doing it.

See, who needs resolutions. Good bye 2007, truly you have been good to me. 2008, I’m ready for you.



  1. nikki Said:

    41 pounds?!?! That’s amazing! You rock!

  2. distracted spunk Said:

    Okay, how does one go about winning $320 for losing weight?!

  3. Kayte Said:

    Sounds like a wonderful year – may 2008 treat you even better!

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