How to waste a day

1. Take a personal day from work.
2. Take your son to daycare (a little later than usual).
3. Stop at Starbucks for a Soy latte.
4. Take long hot (needed) shower.
5. Pick up stuff in living room.
6. Vacuum living room.
7. Leave for Weight Watchers to weigh in.
8. See Dish Network truck pulling in wrong drive way.
9. Stop to see if the Dish Network guy is looking for your house (15 minutes earlier than scheduled time of appointment window – noon to 5PM).
10. Don’t go to WW, turn around and let Dish Network guy follow you home.
11. Explain to Dish Network guy what you’re are expecting.
12. Hang out without being too intrusive.
13. Occasionally check on two large dogs locked in bedroom, because Dish Network guy is fearful.
14. At 5:15 PM WHEN DISH GUY FINALLY FINISHES AND LEAVES go get son from daycare.
15. Ponder how you will ever get those 5 ½ hours of your life back.
16. Blog about it.



  1. nikki Said:

    Sounds like my last Wednesday waiting for the hot tub repair guy and electrician. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  2. The last one is something I think about in all situations!! LOL

  3. Ah, yes. Blog about it. Somehow the day just isn’t completely wasted without it, yes? Haha.

  4. Jenn Said:

    Oh, how I *shake my fist* at the whole repairman day-wastage. Weird to be wasted with him there. I especially like the wastage when they give you a five hour window when they will arrive.


  5. Kayte Said:

    Ughhh yuck! The thought makes me shiver. That’s one of the worst things about moving into a new apartment – getting all the utilities set up. Seriously a waste of a day.

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