Silly isn’t it?

It feels like I have to post something.

It’s been kind of a rough day and the little guy is STILL awake – seriously cutting into my ME time. WTF. He better not be up at 7 AM or I’m going to be very testy tomorrow too.

But Sheryl, why was today so rough? you ask.

Well, you know yesterday when I used the Placecard post because I was going out with some old friends and MY HUSBAND? Well my dear hubby had to work late and couldn’t go. Also, he has to be at work at 5:00 AM this morning. So I hadn’t seen my hubby for days. And today’s half a day of work didn’t end until after 3:30 PM.

We had decided in advance to do some Saturday errand together. So they didn’t start until after 4. What a waste of the day… waiting for someone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at my hubby. But I HATE his employer. How do you get away with not telling your employees how long they are going to be working? How do you get away with making people work ridiculous hours this week for inventory and then cut their hours to less than 40 next week? Well, at least that is what they say now. Man, I sure wish hubby could find a new gig. But how do you job hunt when you have been working 5 or 6 AM to 7 to 9 PM? Stupid stupids!

Stop by tomorrow for pictures. I was going to post some today, but I decided to post them tomorrow with my weekly winners. You’ve got to come back and see the one of Hunter in the bathtub WITH his pj’s on. I was warming the water up before I put the plug in the drain. Walked into his room to get a diaper and some clothes. Came back into the bathroom and there he was, IN the tub, playing IN the water IN his footy pajamas. Priceless. And honestly, very scary… I was literaly gone for seconds. I don’t think I would have left the shower doors open, if the stopper had been in… but I’m not sure… however… now I am.



  1. Meghan Said:

    I am SO disappointed there aren’t drunken debauchery pictures on here today!

    (oh, and I TOTALLY didn’t feel the need to post today! Wheeeeeeee!)

  2. Jenn Said:

    Hey you, can you please just send me a note and confirm your address? Many thanks!

  3. Stepherz Said:

    I’m sorry about your hubby having to work so much– that stinks. Hopefully you guys can make up for it later.

    Bug is a wild man! These little dudes are so stinkin’ fast. I was talking with a friend at the Gym the other day and she has a boy Noah’s age. We literally talked for 15 seconds and when she turned to see where he was, he had already made it outside and was standing in the pouring snow looking in on us. CrAzY! They are soooo sneaky and sooooo quick!

  4. The first three make me sigh happy, family, lovey sighs.


  5. daisies Said:

    it sucks when hubby has to work lots … or many gigs and rehearsals in my case …


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