Weekly Winners

November 18th – 24th

Back to the books
"Back to the books"
{click on this photo and read the notes}

Snow on the pumpkin
Snow on the pumpkin

Hair by Yams
Hair by yams
{straight out of the camera}

Family lovin’
Family love

Not morphed – caught mid-head shake
Mid head shake

Ice flower
Ice flower

Rose Hips
Rose hips

Flowers:”We’re not ready”
"not ready yet"
{another, straight out of camera}

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  1. LOL @ the notes on the first pic

    Your little guy is amazing, Yams or no! Braden loves to gel his hair with his food. 🙂

    Lovely pictures as always!

  2. julie Said:

    The cat photo is great!

    And the photos of your little boy are so cute!

  3. tiffany Said:

    Oh! My favourite is the pumpkin one.
    It’s like saying goodbye to the old season and hailing the new one. Very symbolic. All your others are beautiful too. Your little man’s eyes are very soulful, cute and big.

  4. That first one is toooo funny!

    Love all of them. Great composition, great subject matter, great photography!

  5. Jientje Said:

    The family love is my absolute favourite one! Beautiful facial expressions ! The ice flower and the pumpkin are nice too, I hate snow but it gives you real grat pictures!

  6. I would have peed my pants is I saw this in person…it might have taken me a mintue to see those notes you mentioned…but that would have made it all the more funnier!

  7. Dawn Said:

    he’s a freakin doll 😛

  8. Laura Said:

    LOL at that truck driving pic!!!

    And your son is just adorable! He has gorgeous eyes!

  9. Meghan Said:

    I can not even say how much I love photo #4.

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