Happy Thanksgiving

Gotta love an original title.

I hope that everyone (if you celebrate) enjoys tomorrow’s day of thanks. Don’t forget to take a moment to yourself and look around or inside and reflect on what you are thankful for.

I know that I will.

I’ll start now, in fact:
Grandma took Hunter to spend the night with her. And while I could get all deep and say I’m thankful for Hunter having family that loves him and wants to be with him, I’m not going there.

I’m thankful to be able to sleep in tomorrow, even if it means missing the shit out of my little Bug.

Enjoy the day and be safe.

Gooble gooble.



  1. Dawn Said:

    I did it once, it totally wasn’t worth it because I wasn’t savvy and I bought stuff that I didn’t need to be buying in the first place…. but even I got a little excited at the ads before I bonked myself on the head and threw them out.

  2. Do you do it?

    Have you done it?

    What’s the earliest you’ve gotten in line?
    >>See above

    Are you planning on doing it?
    >>I’m not insane (well, some might think I am, but I’m not!)

    If you have, how much would you estimate that you saved?
    >>Boo Hiss

    Lastly, did you eat too much today?
    >>I didn’t eat as much as I would’ve if someone else cooked!


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