I love learning

I spent some time today learning new Photoshop tips thanks to my new book by Scott Kelby. The book, Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop is very cool. I really enjoy Scott’s writing and I visit his blog often. I have a couple of his books, and enjoy them all. As with all of Scott’s books, you can go on the web and download the actual pictures he uses in the book, so you can actually work along with the book to learn the new tips and techniques.

Here’s a great example. The first pic is one I took straight out of the camera. Saying it’s crappy would be polite. The second one is one I was quite proud of yesterday. The third pic is one I fixed using Scott’s 7-point system. I think it looks MUCH better.
ruined?BetterFixed again
You can click on each photo to see larger sizes.

Yesterday at lunch time I did something I have wanted to do for a while. I went to a very old cemetery in Pontiac and took some pictures. I thought I would feel weird, but it was oddly peaceful. As I was driving around I saw this tree. Seriously, this is the coolest tree I have seen in some time. I don’t know why it is shaped the way it is, I’m sure it hasn’t been hit by a car or anything. It must just be growing twisted.
Do you see faces?
Do you see faces?

This is what I drive by everyday on my way home from work. The gold is so bright, I am transfixed by it every day. You should see it in the sunshine… amazing.
Resting in gold

Tomorrow I am going to participate in Sarcastic Mom’s Weekly Winners. Try it, you’ll like it.



  1. Meghan Said:

    I love the tree shot. The only thing I would change is to make the DOF shallower (What f/stop is your lens?). But, that’s just my personal preference.

    Also, I think something between your fix and the one using Kelby’s system would be perfect.

  2. ~Sheryl Said:

    Meg, you are right on both counts. My lens is goes up to f/4. And I almost ALWAYS shoot as wide open as I can. But because I was trying to capture the magnificiant gold of the leaves in the trees and on the ground, I decided to shoot at f/8. When I saw the tree I just started snapping and never thought about my aperture – sometimes I’m such a dork.

    After looking at the deer photos, I am inclined to agree with you again. I think my first fix is over saturated, and my second could have a bit more contrast.

    I am going to try to add depth of field to the tree. I’ll post it when I’m done.

    You have such an amazing eye for photos. Thanks for your input!!

  3. I learned on film mostly and I still struggle with Photoshop sometimes. I love Scott Kelby. He makes my life so much easier. Hi! Sorry I’ve been out of it lately. I quit NaBloPoMo. Now I’m back and posting willingly. LOL.

  4. Stepherz Said:

    What a cool little outting you had– I love doing things like that. I LOVE old cemetaries too- especially the ones in the deep South. They have such beautiful, elaborate, and BIG head stones. Everything in the South is bigger, I guess. The trees in these old cemetaries are so full of character– huge, draping limbs with moss tickling down. Love that!

    The yellow is amazing. One thing I miss about the East is those fiery orange, yellow, and red trees in the Fall. D you have those in Michigan? We mostly just get yellow around here, but back home there were such beautiful fiery colors!

  5. Elissa Said:

    Great pics!

    I love taking pictures and have a good camera (in my opinion! Digital Rebel Xti) but not a clue how to use the technical stuff on it! See I said “stuff”!!!

  6. annmichele Said:

    love these pics……awesome that you snapped a few at the doc office…..adorable!

  7. daisies Said:

    nice photoshop work … i am loving watching you jump that learning curve with your beautiful eye and wonderous talent 🙂

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