What would you do?

Hey, I need some advice. Nevermind, I’m going with my gut on this one.

On NaBloPoMo there is a Flickr group. In that group there is a discussion called “Who are you on Flickr”. And NaBloPoMo members have been posting their Flickr id’s. I have been getting some contact requests from this discussion and from some of the new blogs I check out. I think Flickr is a great way to share photos with family, friends and other people who enjoy photography. My contact list reflects all of these.

I got a request for a contact add and I guess I somehow added them before I checked them out (which I did right away).

Here is the link. A couple of things bother me here. I can’t read Spanish very well, so I don’t know what anything says. There are only 33 photos, one of which I might find humorous if I knew what the caption said. But the photo on it’s own… scares me. If you choose, you can probably figure it out yourself. This person also has over 600 people as contacts.

I have checked out the website this person has listed and it opens to a powerpoint document that is a man grabbing his who-ha. Again, could be humorous, but I’m not sure of the context. I am sure this is what people mean by “lost in the translation”.

There are no p0rn0 k1ddy pics – obviously or I would have banned him instantly and reported him.

I don’t want to live my life paranoid, but when you have a small child, I think in some ways you have to be.

Let’s discuss, am I being a weirdo?



  1. Meghan Said:

    He just seems like kind of a douche… but harmless. Still, why have him as a contact if you feel weird at all? I’m sure you won’t hurt his feelings. You can delete contacts, yes?

  2. Joy T. Said:

    I was invited to be a friend of someone’s on NaBloPoMo and when I went to his blog to check him out, ya, I didn’t accept him. Maybe it’s the same guy, I didn’t click on the link. I’m not a prude by any means, but if I want to see a guy doing ‘that’ I can find a lot better site, with way better looking men. I think. I wouldn’t know this personally. Anyhow. I think you’re right to be a bit cautious.

  3. Viola Zuppa Said:

    I personally would go with my gut reaction, if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. If he’s got over 600 contacts he’s not going to miss you.

    Some people just like number games, amassing as many contacts they can, sounds like that’s what he’s up to. What’s the point of 600 contacts otherwise? You can’t possibly keep up with all of them.

  4. daisies Said:

    the only people i add to my flickr contacts are those that i am ‘friends’ with, those that i kinda sort of know in some context … and it was all because of this:

    while i was in the hospital having my twins and then you know hangin in the nicu and going through the rollarcoaster ride that was my life and then losing my twins and trying to deal with the act of breathing … i got a flickrmail from some guy who had apparently added me as a flickr contact. okay, i really hadn’t been around for months because of the above. i read on in shock as his email contained a whole lot of swearing and cursing at my inconsiderate who did i think i was not even going and checking out his flickr photos never mind not adding him as a contact. um. it was kind of like the straw for me, i burst into tears, deleted ALL my contacts and started over.

    i like to visit those who comment on my site or add me to their blogroll or add me as a contact or whatever but i don’t always have time. i’ll get to it when i can and if there is something that draws me in, if i feel a connection, i will continue to visit : ) but i never feel obligated anymore and i wouldn’t expect others to as well …


    sorry for the long comment … apparently you stirred up some passion in there lol.

    am glad you are going with your gut hon, our guts are usually right …

  5. ~Sheryl Said:

    Meg – Yes, you can delete contacts. Actually I blocked him, but I doubt he will even notice.

    Joy – WAY better sites with WAY better looking men indeed!!

    Viola – probably just an ego thing for him to have so many contacts. Thanks for stopping by.

    Dar – how crappy for that to happen at such a raw point in your life. I agree 100% about not feeling obligated, that was very well said. Long comments are perfectly acceptable – no apologizes necessary.

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