November 12 of 12

Welcome to the nAbLOpOmO version of 12 of 12. For more info and to see lots of other purty 12 of 12’s check out Chad’s site. Nothing really special about this being the nAbLOpOmO version, it’s the same ole 12 of 12. It just happens to fall in the middle of nAbLOpOmO. Blah, blah, blah.

I had the 12th off in honor of our Veteran’s. I had big plans…. big, big plans. Then the Bug caught a bug. So as you flip thru these lame-ass pics, keep in mind the photographer didn’t get much sleep. And my usual 50 to 60 pics to choose from was 16. That should sufficiently explain the Tyler pooping picture.

Consider yourself forewarned.

Bonus word this month: grateful.

10:15 AM – Didn’t even pick up the camera until now. This is where I spent the night with Hunter. He was really struggling to sleep so we came downstairs to sleep in the rocker together and ensure that Dad would get some sleep. Dad had to work.
Forgot to make the bed.

10:18 AM – I let the dogs out and find Missy putting on her morning perfume. nice.
Missy applying her morning perfume

10:20 AM – Poop or sniff? that is the question. Sorry, I know this is bad, but I told you I was short on pics.
Poop or sniff?

10:20 AM – Blue jay, blue pole, blue wires… playing with white balance can give you some cool effects. Shut up, it’s not a crap picture… it’s artsy.
Mr. Blue Jay

11:04 AM – Me taking my self-portrait for the 365 day challenge. I like to call it “Sleepless in Auburn Hills”. Hey, don’t you love the plunger in the background. Jeez
Day 12 - 365 - Sleepless in Auburn Hills.

11:05 AM – Me and the Bug. The reason for the plunger being put up high. Maybe he wants to be a plumber someday. No, he’s not THAT tall, he’s just standing on his step-stool.
a little help

11:45 AM – Bug at the doctor’s office. See, white balance cool effect again.

1:56 PM – We just met Grandma for lunch after the doctor’s office visit.
Lunch date

4:59 PM – Flash play. Apparently he’s teething again.
fingers, yummy.

5:00 PM – and feeling better. “AAAUAUUUGUGHGHGHGHGGHH!”

Bonus pic – 5:07 PM – a clean litter box. The kitties love that! This month the bonus word was grateful. While I have a lot to be grateful for and it could apply to most of these pictures, I am sure the kitties are grateful for a clean litter box.
a clean litter box

8:27 PM – Late dinner at Chili’s.

9:25 PM – A long hot bath for me before bed. Man I needed that.



  1. cdngirleh Said:

    Oh my goodness! That is one cute son you’ve got! I love the little baby teeth popping out in that shot, even though they’re giving the poor wee guy some teething misery.

  2. tiff Said:

    i failed at this, though i really wanted to try it. But dont worry, I’ve documented my failure for posterity’s sake and all that. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned….love your red hair!

  3. […] Sheryl can show you how this is supposed to work. […]

  4. Joy T. Said:

    I haven’t done 12 of 12 in months! I’m going to have to leave a note beside the computer as a reminder because I really enjoyed doing it. All great pictures, I especially like the ‘artsy’ one 🙂

  5. Meghan Said:

    I can’t believe you included a shot of your dog taking a crap! lmao!

    I really love the 11:45am picture of Bug at the doc’s office. VERY cool.

  6. Helen Said:

    Aww, poor Bug, and poor Sheryl! I hope he’s feeling better now, and you’ve managed to get some catch up sleep!

  7. I love this post, especially that photo of him laughing. Great capture!

  8. ~Sheryl Said:

    Vicki – Thanks, I don’t know how I managed to get such a cute one.

    Tiff – you should post your link anyway, no one will care if it’s dated the 13th. I loved your pics!!

    Joy – thanks, I thought the “artsy” comment was a good cover. . 😉

    Meg – You know I spend part of my day waiting for poop, I can’t believe it took me this long to include one. lol Thanks, I loved the way the doctor’s visit pic turned out, too.

    Helen – catching up nicely, thanks.

    Lisa – the compliment means a lot, thanks.

  9. thatofapirate Said:

    i really like the artsy pics and Bug is beyond cute.

    you have the same converse high tops? awesome. this is my second pair but they are getting harder to find and ordering from converse’s website was a pain. did you get them online?

    the test went well. thanks for asking. 🙂

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