Day 11 - 365
Day 11 of 365 challenge.

This is what I did today. Kev played his new Hooked game for the Wii and Hunter napped in my lap.

Last night was a bit rough, Hunter started running a fever last night and he was up quite a few times after 2 AM. You can just see it in his face when he doesn’t feel good. He is going to be screwed when he gets older and tries to fake being sick to say home. Just look at his poor little eyes:
Not a good hair day.
Don’t mind his bed-head… he doesn’t feel good.

Another tell-tale sign, random sleepage on the floor:
Sleeping beauty

Not to say, my day was not with out some fun:
He is so lucky I couldn’t get the pirate hat to stay on his head and I couldn’t find the bandana Hunter wore.

I leaf you (get it…. leaf you… leave you… oh nevermind.) with some final Michigan beauty:
Nature's gold
I love the color of fall in Michigan.

But Oak trees are my favorite! This old Oak, lives in our backyard.
the old oak in the back yard.
I sure hope the leaves fall before the snow flies. It would just be too heavy for that old girl to hold onto.

Tomorrow is 12 of 12 and I have to day off. Hopefully Hunter will be feeling better and we can get out and get some interesting shots.

Don’t forget, today is Veteran’s Day, here in the States. It’s a good time to reflect and be appreciative of all of our Veteran’s and their families.



  1. I hope Hunter feels better soon. Those leaves are GORGEOUS.

  2. tiff Said:

    wow, I don’t see a lot of trees with full color like that yellow one!

    Hunter is absolutely adorable – we are in the same boat. I also have random sleepage on the floor. Tell him to get better soon!

  3. Kayte Said:

    Sickness and those beautiful Michigan colors, unfortunately, go hand-in-hand. Though I feel a scratch in my throat at this moment without the benefit of those beautiful trees. Go figure.

  4. ~Sheryl Said:

    Lisa – Thanks!

    Tiff – I hope you are feeling better soon. I thought that tree was an awesome color, so I stopped (after Taco Bell) and took a pic.

    Kayte – I couldn’t imagine not seeing the trees change in person. But then again, you get the ocean and the mountains.

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