First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your uplifting comments and thoughts. You guys are awesome!!

Kev ended up working almost 12 hours again today, which sucked. Usually he only works 5 hours every other Saturday. There really are so many mixed emotions. I hate the schedule, but I know he hates it more. I’m not the kind of wife that calls him and bitches or gives him a hard time about all the hours. Hell, I realize it’s not by his choice. And I believe that when he frustrated, which he is now, it’s my job to calm him. And vice-versa.

Originally he was supposed to go to a poker party tonight, but when he found out he had to work, he cancelled his plans. He didn’t think it was fair to work and then come home and leave again and play poker. Plus, he wanted to spend time with his son. I told him he deserves some fun too, but he insisted. What a great man and what an AWESOME Dad!! This is why I love my marriage and believe that I married that man I was meant to.

I accomplished so much today ( I told you I wouldn’t be funky for long): I got the living room dusted, vacuumed, changed around and even got the carpet shampooed. Hunter only napped for half an hour, so it was an interesting exercise. I felt like I was shampooing in crop circles. I feel so much better about getting caught up on some of the housework. The living room is where we spend almost all of our time. Lately, Hunters toys and books have really taken over the entire living room. I really was craving a change so it would look more like a living room as opposed to Hunter’s space.

Ok, on to some really frustrating fun stuff. The Lisa Show is one of my new favorite blogs. She has this awesome new blog that she just started called Beyond Megapixels which is, in her words “…everyman’s guide to digital photography…” It’s a great site, and I highly recommend a trip around the site.

Anyway, there is a link to an interesting article by Beverly Spicer about Hemispheric dominance. In other words, the naked spinning lady. I knew that would get your attention.

The first time I looked at it she was spinning clockwise, I looked down to write that down (I didn’t look at which way meant what yet) and when I looked up, she was spinning counter-clockwise. So I’m thinking, yep, that’s about right. I believe I use both sides of my brain. But can I stop there? Nooo.

I have to keep checking. Just can’t leave well enough alone.

I only see her spinning counter-clockwise one other time. Every other time the bitch is spinning clockwise. Now I should be thinking “cool, I’m all artsy and stuff”, but people, I’m a fucking accountant!!! I love LOGIC puzzles. I calculate numbers in my head every. day.

So I show the page to my husband (once he finally got home 😉 ). I ask him, which way is she spinning…”counter-clockwise”.

“Are you sure.”


I close the computer screen and open it up again… (laptop, folks)
“how about now?”


WTF – All I have to say, besides wtf, is Lisa, I feel your pain.

Oh yea, you are gonna want to blogroll The Lisa Show too… she draws comics!!!

Yesterday’s 365 – I told you I was tired.
Day 9 - 365 days - Friday night tired 2

Nice mustache, eh?

Hey, don’t forget, Monday is the 12th which means Chad’s 12 of 12.

I hope everyone is having a super weekend!!



  1. Meghan Said:

    I like that photo of you… but I want to hug you because you look so tired. In any case, I’m glad you’re unfunkified. Kev seems like an awesome guy – you’re so lucky.

    And, I’m going to do my best to do this 12 of 12. I mean, it’s Xan’s 18 month 12 of 12! Wish me luck….

  2. This was so sweet. It’s 8am, and this was a nice way to start a Monday. If you know how much I hate Mondays, you’d know how big a thing this is. LOL. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Great photos, when the fall asleep at random on the floor, it’s surely is a sign they aren’t feeling well…

  4. ~Sheryl Said:

    Meg – I WAS so tired, thanks for your kind words. Some day I will take you up on that hug. And yes, Kev is awesome!!

    Lisa – No prob’s, I love your new site.

    Crooked – Thanks.

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