I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling it today. I’m very very sick of my husband not being home. The one night he was home before 9, this week, my MIL came over (she has impeccable timing). He was supposed to have tomorrow off, but now he has to work.

This has been going on for the past month and a half. I know it isn’t going to last much longer, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am tired now.

We have had no family time together. Hunter hasn’t seen his Dad, I haven’t seen my husband and I have had to be Hunter’s sole source of … well… everything. This is all on top of working my full time job, keeping up on the house and the laundry. Obviously, the house has been suffering… obviously.

There is also some stress in trying to function in a house that is … suffering.

So rather than turn this post into a real downer, I’m outta here.

I promise to be in a better frame of mind tomorrow.



  1. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Hope things start looking up soon.

  2. Bryce Said:

    You can work through this. I’m sure it’s no cakewalk for him either. There’s this line from the movie “Parenthood” where Steve Martin says that “My whole life is ‘have to’!” I never really understood that until I became married with children.

    Good luck, and try to smile.

  3. Jenn Said:


  4. Meghan Said:

    I feel you. I REALLY feel you. I mean, I know I’m not doing the full-time work thing… but, I know where you’re at. Hope today is better than yesterday.

  5. ~Sheryl Said:

    Lisa, thanks, I don’t usually stay funky too long. All of these kind comments help too.

    Bryce, thank you. “Have to” with family and kids… so true. I know it’s tough on him. I guess that’s why I vented on my blog a bit, I just don’t think it’s fair to vent at him. I know he would rather be home with me and the Bug-a-boo.

    Jenn, backatcha!! Hey, email me your addy, I have something for the bears.

    Meg – I don’t know how you say you aren’t doing the full-time thing. You have Xan 24 -7. I, seriously don’t think I could do that. I know Rick is working tons too. I guess this is why the women have the kids – because we can do it. Today is better, thanks.

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