What happened to my post from yesterday??


Off to investigate….

Ok, I found it in my drafts folder, wtf. So I edited the timestamp. I hope that’s not considered cheating, I really thought I posted it last night. I must have not hit the “Post” button. I usually verify that my post is up, but I was tired last night so perhaps I forgot. Either way, mystery solved.



  1. tracy Said:

    you totally did the right thing, and cutting the dose in half was right too, you are one smart Mommy.

  2. Beth K. Vogt Said:

    I hate the whole “consult a physician” thing–especially at o-dark-30 (military lingo for way-too-early in the morning.) And why is the print so small anyways? I’ve got old eyes here that don’t do small print so well anymore!
    And you’re right about the FDA concerns about infant/toddler cough medicines being caused by accidental overdose.
    Maybe they pulled the meds off the shelves to avoid a lawsuit? Some folks are such lawsuit-happy, so companies take the “easy” way out and pull stuff off the shelves.
    Just a thought.
    Hope your son is doing better!

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