Hunter is over by the fireplace playing with my cherub.

“Hunter! Get away from there. The last time you played over there you broke it, don’t you think that made me mad enough?”

“no” as if he understood every word.

“Pfffftttt…” into all out giggling. My dear husband on the couch next to me, melting into a pile of laughter, but trying his hardest to suppress it.

Me… tears streaming from my eyes as I try to hold my stern look.

Hunter, staring at me looking for the least little crack in my exterior.


Me: drinking out of my glass.

Hunter: “wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa”

So I give him a drink from my glass.

Hunter: “wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa”


Hunter is standing on the couch… again.

Me: “Hunter, sit down.”

“wheeesh” ever so quietly.

As the shitty grin comes back across his face, he stands up again.

“Hunter, sit down.”


Me: giggling softly to myself, thinking my son is so going to get a 4 in citizenship when he starts school. It doesn’t matter where he is, if you tell him to sit down, he does sit, but it always comes with that noise.

“Bur-ee, bur-ee” as he points up in the sky.

I look, yep, there are birds. I turn to Hunter, “Yea buddy, those are birds. You are so smart.”

He puts his finger to his temple.

“Buddy, did you just do the sign for smart?”

He puts his finger to his temple.

“Okay, now you are freaking me out.”


Today’s 365 Project picture is brought to you by the Mom in me, not the photographer. I know it should be one in the same, but it’s not. I sat on the floor, put Hunter on my lap, set my camera’s 2 second timer, pushed the shutter and held the camera out in front.
Day 4 - the Mom in me.

Sick of seeing me yet?



  1. Meghan Said:

    What a smart little nipper!! I really need to start teaching Xan some more signs.

    And, nope, not getting one bit sick of seeing your pretty face.

  2. Haha. I feel the same way about my snapshots. I always feel compelled to put a disclaimer that this wasn’t taken by me, the photographer.

    P.S. He’s adorable. I am slightly jealous of your hair. 😉

  3. Kayte Said:

    Love the quotes!

    And never sick of seeing you 🙂

  4. Gina Said:

    He’s a smart one, all right!

    Very cute pictures, keep em coming.

  5. […] We were talking about Hunter (what else is new) and he was telling the ladies about Hunter’s noisy sitting habits. […]

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