Tomorrow NoBloPoMo starts – a post a day every day in November.

I promise you will get to see some pics with the new camera. In the mean time, here is one I took yesterday morning as the sun was rising.

The day begins

I covered one tiny flare spot in PS but other than that it is straight out of the camera. I’m just thrilled with the composition of this one (if I may say so myself).

Sorry that the pic is a duplicate of what’s in my flickr box at the top of my blog, but that should change soon.

Happy haunting everyone!



  1. boguedamour Said:

    Miss me? 😉

    How could I miss NoBloPoMo ?

  2. boguedamour Said:

    I mean, N-A-Blo-Po-Mo. What a hard thing to type…

  3. Gina Said:

    Very cool!

  4. nikki Said:

    Awesome picture.

  5. ~Sheryl Said:

    HERB!!!! I was starting to worry about you young man!

    I think NoBloPoMo sounds better, buy my hubby might not like it. {blush}

  6. Kayte Said:

    I really love the detailed contrast of the tree against the horizon. What a wonderful opportunity to be awake and see this beautiful scene.

  7. Lisa Said:

    I love this photo. Looks like you’re putting the 40D to good use!

  8. daisies Said:

    so beautiful!!

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