Today’s mood is…

Excited beyond comprehension.

Yea baby!



  1. Joy T. Said:

    Thud! That is me hitting the floor at you owning this. I’m excited of course because I have the 30D and absolutely love it. But I’m not going to kid myself. I’d LOVE the new 40D now.

  2. Meghan Said:

    Wait. You’re getting the 40D?! How did I miss you talking about this?! O,r did I know and forget? That is very possible with how my brain is right now.

    In any case, I am SO. FUCKING. JEALOUS.

    And, I can’t wait to see your pictures with that baby!

    Umm… did I mention how jealous I am?

  3. ~Sheryl Said:

    Joy, this is going to take some getting used to. I was pretty comfy with my rebel and where the controls are and this is completely different. I’m still not sure how I talked my hubby into it. I think he was feeling guilty about working 13-14 hours a day for the past month and then going hunting. Plus, I think now is a good time to try and sell my Rebel XT and still get some good money for it.

    Meghan, don’t worry, it’s not you. I haven’t mentioned that I was getting the 40 D. When I went to get my 2x Converter I was talking to Steve (the camera guy I deal with when I don’t purchase online). I was looking at a wide-angle or a fish-eye lens to just have some fun with. But the lens wouldn’t fit a full sensor camera and I told him I wanted to be able to upgrade someday. Then he whipped out this baby.

    “You don’t need to upgrade to a full sensor camera. The new 40D is…blah, blah, blah” {in his best salesman voice}
    He took it out and I played with it I really liked the feel.

    Shit, I hate when they do that. I’ve been thinking about (read: trying to justify) it ever since.

  4. nikki Said:

    I’m drooling. I think I need a drippy bib.

  5. OOOO…I likey.

  6. archshrk Said:

    Hello, I saw you mention selling your Rebel XT over on Radioactive Jam’s site. Sorry, I’m not interested in buying it but I was curious what equipment you had for it or recommend. It’s what my wife ( uses and I’m always looking for ways to balance her bag of tricks.

    Anyway, congrats on the new camera and good luck selling the old one.

  7. Meghan Said:

    So… when do we get to see pictures??!!

    (btw, I love your sunset and moon shot on flickr)

  8. Kayte Said:

    ahhh that’s awesome! I start my photography class tomorrow – I’m very excited!

  9. Lisa Said:

    Yeah baby!! Haha.

  10. […] made some time today to play with my new 40D . I’m really very happy, I really seem to be getting used to it quite nicely. I also had some […]

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