Gotta love the fall

Fall always means a trip to the Cider Mill for me.

We finally got some family time together after a very long week for my husband. So Saturday (after he got home from work) we all went to the Cider Mill. Of course, Mom with camera in hand.

I took so many shots, yet only a handful are keepers. I must keep in mind that I shot all day on manual (tho’ I did use my autofocus). But crap, it’s hard to keep things exposed right when you are tying to follow a 16 month old around in the late afternoon sun. I do love the shadows, but getting them exposed right when you can hardly see the meter in your camera is complicated. But practice is the only way to get better.

This is why I am so grateful to have an interest in photography during the digital age. I gotta believe I would be very discouraged if I took over 2 rolls of film and only had a few shots to show.

I also was mindful not to spend the whole day behind the camera. I don’t want Hunter to think Mommy has a camera permanently attached to her face. I guess I am grateful for the handful of pics and the wonderful time I got to spend with my family.

Would you like to see some pics? I knew you would. (am I the only one who just thought of Mr. Rogers?)

We enjoyed some cider.
Cider = yummy

We enjoyed each other’s company (my favorite part!)
Dad & Mom

There were animals:
Do you have a brush?Leave me alone.Mr. Goat

There was a sugar buzz from the cider. This was the first time Hunter has had anything to drink besides milk or water. Of course he loves cider.
Cider buzz

We played on the wooden train.
"I see you"

We dreamed of being tall enough to pick our own au-pols (that’s apples in Hunterese)

We had a great time! (even with lens flare)
Blake's new engineer



  1. tiff Said:

    beautiful pictures!
    I found you via Detroit Metro Bloggers on NaBloPoMo…should be a fun November!

  2. nikki Said:

    Blakes- Is it as nice as all the commercials make it out to be? Great pictures. Have Hunter pick an au-pol for me too.

  3. Joy T. Said:

    My kids say they are so relieved they were much older when I decided to get into photography a bit. I already have a million pictures of them, but a gazillion would be a little over the top they think. What do they know :o) More gorgeous pictures, loved them all!

  4. Stepherz Said:

    Oh, I love the one of him on the wooden train. How awesome is that!? You did well, my friend. You’re not just good at making cute babies, you also are good at working that camera!

  5. Rhonda Said:

    My husband always raves about the cider…I think that is the one thing he misses about MI. Great photos!

  6. Kayte Said:

    Oh you make me so nostalgic for a real fall! Cider mills, crunchy leaves, fields of fresh-grown pumpkins, brisk breezy days. Here in L.A. we have a fake pumpkin patch next to the 101 freeway that will magically transform into a fake Christmas tree lot at midnight. Or, November 🙂 At least I can enjoy it through your pictures.

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