It was just another Tuesday

Yesterday, my day started like every other Tuesday; Kev kissed me goodbye at 5:30 AM and I rolled over and went back to sleep for a few.

Up at 6:30. No alarm clock needed.

Do some morning essentials (which I will spare you the details of), get dressed and go downstairs and start the Bug’s breakfast and pack his lunch and my lunch. Back up stairs to wake up Hunter. He was not already up. Open the curtains and blinds while I chat with him and do his morning routine (pj’s off, diaper changed, clothes on, etc).

Hand in hand, we walk down the stairs – apparently he’s getting too old for the backwards routine. Greet the animals as we go by and into the highchair for breakfast. He starts on his fruit and I open the three cards on the table.

I turn the radio on and we sing and giggle our way through the rest of breakfast (his, not mine). Rushed, but pleasant, none-the-less.

Then we clean up; first Hunter, then the highchair then the dishes. I do the dishes and Hunter wipes the highchair – he’s such a little helper.

Then it’s off to the living room (for Hunter) with the little bathroom (for me) where I try to do something with my hair, throw some make-up on and change the poopy diaper (his, not mine)… at least he’s regular. We do this while Hunter watches Oswald on Noggin and I think of Squigy from Laverne & Shirley. It’s like a bad accident between Laverne & Shirley and the Wonder Years, but Hunter likes it. I guess ignorance is bliss.

I wish The Upside Down Show was on, but then I would NEVER get to work… but that’s probably for another post.

Where was I… oh yea… poopy diaper…

Then I take loads of crap to the car: Hunter’s lunch, my lunch, my camera, my briefcase (or whatever bag of crap I’m carrying around at the time) and my purse. While I do this the dogs come out with me and I try to kick the ball to Tyler a few times. Then it’s everyone back in the house. The TV goes off and Hunter and I leave for daycare.

Hunter and I walk into daycare and I usually chat with the lady I drop him off with. Today, it was a diaper rash discussion.

Off to Starbuck’s and then to work. By now it’s quickly approaching 8:30 AM (woot! I’m only half an hour late). I have to be at an off-site meeting by 9:30.

Once in my office I try to gather all the materials I anticipate that I will need for this meeting. Incidentally, I was just told about the meeting yesterday afternoon. Gawd, I love this place.

Once at the off-site meeting (at a secret location: local hotel) I find the conference room and settle in. Everyone else is eating a breakfast of eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, sweet rolls and something with syrup on it. I opt out of breakfast – I’ve had my coffee and I’m good.

Jump to 2:00 pm, we finally get a potty break – 15 minutes. Insanity! Good thing I have a bag of grapes, a peach, a couple of Fiber One bars and a pitcher of water. That 15 minutes was all we got.

5:16 pm – we are dismissed. I have already called Grandma and asked her to pick up Hunter because I may be later than 5:45 pm. BUT, Grandma doesn’t have a carseat, so I have to meet her in the daycare parking lot. Gotta love improvising.

With Hunter secured in his seat, we head home, with Grandma following. You see, it’s Tuesday and I bowl… at 6:30 (practice starts at 6:15 – practice-smactice). Once home and unstrapped from the car, I get Hunter in and the dogs out. I change my clothes again. Run Grandma through the dinner menu for Hunter and I’m out the door by 6:10.

Arrive at bowling 6:30-ish. I didn’t arrive home again until around 10:00 pm. Hunter’s asleep, Kev is in bed, but not asleep (but close) and I’m home.

Hunter woke up briefly (well long enough to stand up and turn his light on and make noises at us). I rocked him for a while until he fell fast asleep again.

I finished watching the news and work on a word puzzle before I turn my light off.

Given the choice, it’s not how I would have decided to have spend my birthday, but that’s okay.

I still feel fortunate, loved and at peace everyday.
Happy belated 44th Birthday, Sheryl.

(damn, I’m getting old!)



  1. Rhonda Said:

    Goodness you are busy! It was all i could do to get dressed on Tuesday. 🙂

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. nikki Said:

    Happy Birthday. Go out and have a nice dinner this weekend. You’ve certainly earned it.

  3. Annika Said:

    Happy Birthday! If you are any indication, 44 is definitely the new 30.

  4. Gina Said:

    Happy belated Birthday!

  5. Continuing your ride along the In Your Prime Plateau, yes?

    Congratulations and a belated happy.

  6. Jenn Said:

    Happy Birthday!!

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