Ode to a turkey

The Collier Road Mascot

Every day for the past few months, I have seen a turkey either on the side of the road or in the road that I take to get to Hunter’s day care.

Now this turkey has become a huge sense of enjoyment for me. The road I take to Hunter’s daycare is mostly traveled by truckers who are dropping off loads either to the dump or the metal recycling place. I’m talking big semi’s with large dumpster like containers. On more than one occasion I have seen my buddy the turkey have traffic all fuckered up. One semi on one side of the road, another semi on the other side of the road, semi drivers out of their cabs, trying to coax my little feathered friend out of the road. Hilarious, really. And amazing that these guys didn’t just run him over. I’m guessing they enjoyed seeing him as much as I did.

I had been telling Kev about how funny this was. And on Saturday, two weeks ago Kev and I drove by and sure enough, Mr. Turkey was walking his beat down the side of the road. So I was able to snap a few pictures of him. Of course the pictures really don’t do him justice. He was about 2 ½ feet tall and always alone.

I’ve seen wild turkeys before, but never one this big.

Two weeks ago Monday, when I drove down the street I didn’t see Mr. Turkey. I saw some feathers on the side of the road, but no obvious signs of foul play… ha… oh sorry. Anyway, I thought about going back and looking at the feathers, but something inside of me said I just don’t want to know. A whole week has gone by and I still haven’t seen my turkey friend.

Thank you my feathered friend for making me laugh on so many mornings. I hope you are somewhere safe and happy. I miss you.



  1. nikki Said:

    Aww dude, now I’m getting the sniffles over a turkey. It’s gotta be PMS.

  2. Gina Said:

    It’s the little things that brighten our day, isn’t it? Poor guy.

  3. Joy T. Said:

    Well I’m going to live in my bubble world and say those feathers were from him trying and trying and he finally succeeded in flying off. Yes I know. Turkey’s don’t fly. Stop trying to pop my bubble. Here’s hoping Mr. Turkey returns again soon….with a whopper of a tale to tell maybe. I know. Bubble world again.

  4. […] Perhaps he was just on vacation. […]

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