Set up to fail?

You know, I have really been trying to hone my photographer skills. I don’t do a lot of Photoshopping to my pics. Mostly because I don’t have the time to master PS but also because I want to be able to take great photos without all the enhancements.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe the enhancements have their place, but for me, right now, I just want to take better photos.

One of the things I do is look at other people’s photos: professional photos, blog photos, forum photos… I think you get the idea. I know what appeals to me and then I keep what I see in the back of my mind and try to expand on it and incorporate it into my own pictures.

Today, in the process of doing some surfing I happened across a couple of sites that feature some before and after photo retouching. I could take you through the whole process in my brain that got me there, but believe me, you don’t want that close of a look inside my brain… it will scare you.

I ran across this site that a section entitled retouch-o-rama…how could I not read it?

There are several professional photo retouching sites listed.
To show you how good they are they post their portfolios, which are primarily celebs retouched photos. But to prove how good they really are they have to show you the before AND the after. Talk about some interesting clicking. Here’s another one, click on the word “Portfolio”.

Now this bothers me on all sorts of levels. The better photographer angle isn’t that big of a deal.

My own personal struggles with body image, now that’s a big deal!

Down deep in my subconscious I have struggled with my weight forever. Even when I weighed 135 lbs (a VERY long time ago) I thought I was fat. Was I? Probably not. Maybe I just hung out with really skinny chicks. Or maybe the media influenced what my subconscious brain thought was acceptable. Who knows?

I used to look at these photos and wonder how in the hell could Cameron Diaz even open a jar with those skinny arms? But the reality is her arms aren’t that skinny

… and I’m not really that fat.

Why does the media think it’s so wrong to be a woman of substance?

Why does the media think we want to see unattainable body images?

How can a celebrity look at one of those magazine covers and even recognize the person in the photo. But boy, what a great way to show a celeb going off the deep end… just publish an un-retouched photo and have a whole article about how bad so & so looks.

In my perfect world I would make some changes and they wouldn’t start with my body.

Tomorrow: Ode to a turkey.



  1. Gina Said:

    It certainly is discouraging, especially for younger girls who may not realize the extent of the retouching.

  2. Jenn Said:

    OHMYGOD! That before/after portfolio is astounding! And yes, it totally mucks stuff up where we never see them looking real. At some level it feels like there are these perfections and they *can* be achieved by some people.

    Hmph. Very interesting.

  3. Joy T. Said:

    Boobs higher, boobs lower, hips deflated, hips more robust. Good freakin grief! False advertising or what?! I’m going to let my girls see those.

  4. Stepherz Said:

    I was going to mention iwanexstudios when I first started reading this post. I couldn’t believe the PS touching that they did to make the celebs look less like the rest of us. No wonder we feel like crap about ourselves– the “ideal” woman is created in a computer program. In some of those pics, the celeb almost looked like a different person.

    I think you are a beautiful woman. I only use PS to help with lighting and cropping. Oops. I’m lying. I removed a zit that was on my chin in the picture of me and my Nikon on yesterday’s post. But that’s not really cheating. Anyone would have removed that monster.

    I love the Turkey shot. It’s a good capture!

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