September 12 of 12

Here it is, my 12 of 12 for September. For details or to participate yourself, just mosey on over to here and check it out.

{Click on the photos for larger, clearer views.}

7:48 AM – here is where Hunter’s day begins most days. Today tho, he appears to be giving me the what for… I think he wants pears today.
An another thing

8:16 AM – BONUS – The bonus word this month was unexpected, here is my unexpected passenger, Jakey-Jake.
Unexpected Rider

8:24 AM – This is where Hunter gets out: daycare.
"The door"

8:48 AM – Starbucks seem to have made it’s way back into my morning routine – with some changes. Now, instead of a Triple Venti Carmel Macchiatto, I get a Grande Soy Latte – several hundred calories less.

1:55 PM – Just finished lunch at Leo’s. A nice private lunch with me and my book.
Lunch reading

5:45 PM – is the deadline for picking up your child at daycare. I just made it there on time. Time's up (oh and yes, that is X202 on my radio presets – I like Opie and Anthony… so what… they’re funny. (even tho I only have XM for 2 more months for free, then it’s back to Sirius for me.)

5:50 PM – the ride home always includes some milk, it’s just not necessarily always on his lip, oh and on the window, in case you can’t tell. 😉
"...and then we..."

6:12 PM – DAD’s HOME!! (and look… Dad has a shirt on!)
Yay, Dad's home.

6:12 PM – the High-five!

6:14 PM – Hunter in his new (to him) truck. Tyler: “hey.. you got room in there for me?”
Can I fit?

6:15 PM – Tyler playing catch, pretty much a 12 of 12 tradition picture.
Play catch with me

6:21 PM – Finally everyone is in the house. But we won’t turn the TV on for Hunter so he is trying to figure the remote out with the instructions. Dad hasn’t had a chance to teach him that those are called “suggestions” and men don’t read ’em.

8:22 PM – leaving Longhorn where we had dinner. It sure does get dark early now. We were supposed to go grocery shopping, but I didn’t feel like it and it was Hunter’s bed time. I honestly don’t think I was even awake for another hour.

There you have it, my day in 12 pictures. I hope you enjoyed it. And don’t forget to go and check out some of (all) the other 12 of 12 participants – it’s a very cool project.

As an additional note, I would like to again thank Chad for hosting these 12 of 12’s. If it weren’t for these posts, I don’t know that I would have forced myself to take some of these pictures. And this month, I have some fantastic shots of my family. As I was going through my photos (I took 56 shots yesterday) so many of them make me smile. Just look at this great shot of my son and my husband. The reason I had my camera out was specifically to capture some shots for 12 of 12. Thank you Chad!
My men



  1. Jenn Said:

    I *love* the first picture where he’s placing his breakfast order!

  2. Beth Said:

    Awesome pictures! SOOOO cute!!

  3. Linda Said:

    Love your pics! 🙂

  4. nikki Said:

    I thought milk on the car windows was a requirement with small children? As is putting their dirty shoes on the back of the chair in front of them.

    As always, great pictures!

  5. Stepherz Said:

    These pics are awesome! Bug is growing so much. Noah finally started walking a little bit; I’m so psyched. He’s kind of heavy, so I’m looking forward to him getting around more by himself.

    That picture of the high-five is my fave!

  6. daisies Said:

    awwwww ~ how wonderful ~ these photos are so cute, wonderful and it looks like a fun day 🙂

  7. Meghan Said:

    That high-five shot is awesome! I also love the one of The Bug in his carseat… what a doll.

    Can you believe it… I actually forgot about 12 of 12 this month? My mom was getting hip replacement surgery that day, and I was taking care of four dogs and a baby! My mind was elsewhere.

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