A little advice from your buddy Sheryl

1) If you ever notice that Steph is having a contest, be sure and enter it.

I got the greatest package full of stuff when I became one of the winners of this contest. Here’s a list of all the cool stuff I got:

Sweet tarts
Chocolate covered peppermint sticks
Smashed (hee) almond Joy
Trident Strawberry Lime sugar free gum
Shame on you for sending me candy! But that’s ok, I have power over me and my co-workers will love the addition to my candy jar (that has been empty for ages). And the gum… all mine!!

Magnetic “To do today” notepad
Crazy straw
Winnie the Pooh jiggly light up pen (which I can’t figure out how to get it to light up)
Butterfly stickers
a few assorted ribbon wrapped note cards
Sweet little note on one of the above mentioned cards.
Last, but not least…
Sarah McLachlan cd – Surfacing – which is hilarious because that is the same CD I sent her. I bet they crossed in the mail.


2) Turn your vehicle off when exiting the vehicle.

People, gas is $3 a gallon here. Why on earth would you leave your car running when you go into Starbucks? Are you trying to get someone to steal your car? If you have that kind of money to throw away, follow me to the gas station and fill MY tank. Also – bad for the environment. And lastly, I’m sure the folks over in Iraq, fighting a ridiculous war, would not be happy to know that you are wasting this precious commodity.


3) If you look like this…
Michigan Renaissance Festival
or this…
Michigan Renaissance Festival
in your medieval costume, either buy a new one (different size) or just wear street clothes.

Please don’t misunderstand me, my issue here is not with the size of these folks, but with what they have decided to let hang out for all to see.

Oh, I could have done a whole post on what not to wear to the Renaissance Festival – but I didn’t start taking pictures until later.


4) If you have four generations together, photograph it!

5) If things aren’t looking great to you, change your perspective.

different perspective

Don’t forget: tomorrow is September 12th… 12 of 12!!



  1. Stepherz Said:

    I’m glad you like the goodies. I figured you might not eat the candy, but the hubs might! If you ever send candy this way, Jeremy will eat it before the kids even get the chance to. 😉

    That picture of the 4 generations is awesome. Makes me smile. I have to laugh everytime I see a picture of your hubs now because he is ALWAYS topless, isn’t he? Jeremy is the same way!

  2. daisies Said:

    congratulations on winning stephs contest : ) hurrah for mail love winnings 🙂

  3. nikki Said:

    I firmly believe in having size limits on clothes…..spandex, size 2, bikini’s size 12 or so. You get the idea!

    Congrats on the prize pack!

  4. Joy T. Said:

    Great goodies! Now pass some gum over this way will you 🙂 The fourth generation picture is great, I bet that is a very special picture to the oldest of the generations. Great advice on picture #5. Look at those two lil teeth!!

  5. Rhonda Said:

    Great picture of the 4 generations…very cool that was possible! But I guess this wasn’t the picture we were promised of your hubby with a shirt on, huh? 😉

  6. I worry about things like Renaissance Festivals and even Bikers; they’re *all* getting old, and I just don’t see the Youth Of America entering the ranks to replace the aging icons.

    Sort of like the Rolling Stones (again? still?) on tour, you know?

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