slides, strays and shirts

Some one has a new toy.

And don’t I look skinny? skinnier? Ok, maybe if you try squinting. (32 lbs down, baby!).

Since Hunter has become monkey boy and climbs on everything, we decided it was time to give him an outlet for all this climbing energy. I give you the “Variety Climber”. Of course we aren’t done putting it together and it’s not going to live on the deck between the swing and the hot tub, but the climbing part with the slides is put together.

Yep, he’s a climber.

But these photos are two of my favs!
I can see you.
The eyes of a child
These are straight out of the camera, I haven’t had the time to post-process them yet.

In other news… yes, there is other news besides Hunter…

We were in the backyard Sunday, when Tyler started barking over by the garbage. I was nervous about going over there, no telling what he was barking at, but obviously it was something. When I got there I found this little kitten, maybe 3 weeks old, tops, all curled up on the pallet next to the garbage cans.

Hold me

It’s little ears were wet, but that was from Tyler nudging him. He looked like he was meowing, but nothing was coming out, my heart just sank. Kev came over and picked him up and I went and got a bowl of milk. The little guy just stuck his face in the milk and didn’t know what to do. So I fed him with and eye-dropper, but not too much. His meow was audible now, the poor little thing looked so scared. Tyler was barking… “mine, mine, mine… I found it, it’s mine… can I keep it? Huh? Can I? Huh? Huh? Can i?” And Jake, one of our cats that was outside, was all like: “what the hell is that and what are you going to do with it?” (funny how I know exactly what my animals are thinking, isn’t it. I hope I still have this power when Hunter gets older. ha.)

I took the tiny little kitten to the Humane Society. He was obviously very weak and may have needed some medical attention. This was emphasized when I got the the HS and they took the little guy right away. All the way there I told myself this was for the best. We couldn’t keep it – our animal to human ratio is already out of whack. And if he was ill, he needed to be treated humanely and put down quietly – if that is what was best. So why did I start crying when I had to initial that I understood that he might be euthanized after evaluation if he was un-adoptable? Total time lapse between finding him and dropping him off was half-an-hour, at the most. I’m such an emotional moron.


I’m still working on my family feature. Tyler is the one who I am going to feature first and I just have tons of pictures to go thru. I want to make sure you can get a sense of his personality through my pictures and words.

In the mean time, tons of new pics over at flickr, if you care to peruse. Like this one:
Hunter & KLA
Hunter with my great friend, KLA.

And believe it or not, there is actually one of my husband with his shirt ON – no shit.



  1. nikki Said:

    Dude, you look hawt!!!!! And i’m sniffling here about the kitty.

    Oh and can I come over and play on the slide with Hunter?

  2. daisies Said:

    wow ~ 32 pounds!! that is so fantastic 🙂

    poor kitty 😦

  3. Those climber doohickeys are great. Way better than jumping off furniture.

    And congrats on gradually losing yourself. 😉

  4. Joy T. Said:

    Geez it’s been much too long since I’ve visited here. First of all I didn’t have to squint. You look great! Congrats on the weight loss!!! Second, Hunter is still as adorable as EVER! And third, poor kitty. I’m sure he’s doing well and will be adoped into a good home in no time. Good for you for rescuing him.

  5. Meghan Said:

    What a fun new toy! And, Hunter looks like he LOVES it.

    Sheryl… you look amazing.

  6. Rhonda Said:

    First…HUGE congrats on the weight loss. I am going to be on that roa once this baby is born, so you are an inspiration.

    Second…I want that kitty! Too bad I’m all the way in Texas. 😦

  7. Stepherz Said:

    You are lookin’ good, Momma! That’s amazing– 32 pounds!? Go on with your bad self!

    I laughed out loud at the hubby/shirt thing! My hubby ALWAYS has his shirt off. That’s too funny!

    Those pictures are awesome and Bug’s eyes are amazing. Can he come over and teach Noah how to walk? Noah still isn’t interested. But, damn, this kid can crawl as fast as I can run. It’s crazy!

  8. Gina Said:

    You are looking fab!

    And yes, Hunter’s eyes are soooo purty!

  9. Jenn Said:

    Oh, you look good! How you doin?

    And, um, what does it then say about me that I can tear up just reading about the kitten? Hmm?

  10. boguedamour Said:

    Lookin good, you!

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