Angelic? – not so much.

You know for months (14 to be exact) I have been hearing about this angelic little boy I have.

“Oh my goodness! He is such a doll!”

“Could he be any cuter??”

“SO. FREAKIN’. ADORABLE!!!! Sheryl, he’s seriously gorgeous.”

“Bug’s smile makes me smile. That boy is a looker.”

“holy freakin’ tomatoes is he a cutie!”

“He is *really* cute. Every day, every smile must be awesome.”

“Good God he’s cute!”

“Look at those DIMPLES! What a sweet little boy you have.”

“But that youngster? Man, he’s a great model. What a cutie patootie!”

“He’s so cute, that little Bug-a-boo”

Ok, ok… I know, enough already. And these are just a few random blog comments. I will admit, he is a little looker, especially those big blue eyes…. those innocent big blue eyes.

I’m guessing I’ve gotten as much mileage out of this as I am going to get so I will just get to the point.

My angelic little son…

…pulled the fire alarm at daycare yesterday. Yep, firetrucks and all.

His Dad was so proud.



  1. Stepherz Said:

    I love the pictures. The nice new deck surface is awesome; I have an appreciation for handy men too. Mine saves us TONS of money.

    Also? Bug’s ADORABLE, SWEET, CUTE, and very HANDSOME. Just thought I’d add that. You know. Just because he is.

  2. Lolly Said:

    Piffle. Why exactly was the daycare’s fire alarm in such a place where an innocent little Bug could reach it????


  3. nikki Said:

    Just because he’s freaking adorable doesn’t mean isn’t a little devil lurking inside of him. Aaron is the SAME EXACT WAY!

  4. Gina Said:

    LOL! Too funny!

  5. lawmummy Said:

    Stifling a giggle. Sorry to hear it – it’s so kids will be kids, no?

    My niece did this at a little kids’ beauty pageant. And no, she did not win.

  6. Meghan Said:

    Ahahahahahahaha!! Go Bug!! You little devil.

    It’s always the lookers who get into the worst trouble, isn’t it? Also, you can’t make me stop saying how cute he is. No. Sir. Ree. Bob.

  7. ~Sheryl Said:

    You know, just to clarify, at first I thought the little monkey climbed up on something and pulled the alarm. But it turns out, someone was holding him while trying to get a stroller away from the wall. He saw the fire alarm and pulled it. The loud noise didn’t scare him… no, not my son, he thought it was cool and giggled. And of course, I’m sure the fire truck was the hit of the day.

    The Daycare called the Fire Department and told them what happened, but they sent a truck anyway.

    Honestly, I am thrilled at the curiosity level Bug-a-boo exhibits. I only hope he never loses his thirst for learning… even if it is learning what that shiney red lever does.

    Kelly, I don’t know why your neice didn’t win – that’s an amazing talent. lol

    Meg, you can say how cute he is all you want. As the mother of your own, cutie-patootie you have that right.

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