August 12 of 12

Hey, yesterday was August 12th and you know what that means… it’s 12 of 12 time again. I was on vacation for the July 12 of 12, so this is my first in a couple of months. And since it’s on a Sunday, I have to warn you it’s full of Hunter.

Check out Chad’s site for details and cool links.


8:51 am – Checking the DVR timers – yep, those are all shows for Hunter, I can be resourceful when I need to be. You can’t beat having The Upside Down Show and the Backyardigans on demand.


8:51 am – Grumpy Bug. Sorry about the blurry, but I had a crying baby headed towards me and couldn’t get a clear shot.


9:52 am – He found these animal crackers in his diaper bag (Grandma must have left them there). I think he opened them and helped himself. At least he wasn’t grumpy anymore.


10:30 am – Bug and Tyler playing together on the floor. Normally Tyler doesn’t want to much to do with him, but this time there were animal crackers involved. (sorry, blurry again, apparently I’ve become a shit photographer.)


10:31am – Still being shadowed by Tyler – now I’m sure there were animal crackers involved.


10:55 am – Chillin’ in the Elmo chair (now that the giggling has been disabled).


4:08 pm – Bug in a bucket.


4:13 pm – Dad working on the deck with two observers.


4:31 pm – Home Depot to get replacement deck boards.


5:21 pm – Graham crackers can cure any mood.


7:15 pm – Bug-a-boo feeding himself. Yea, I know it’s spaghetti, but so what, it’s gonna get everywhere no matter what it is. But he likes spaghetti a lot so chances that more of it gets into his mouth are good.


8:13 pm – The new deck. I love being married to a handyman.


Bonus word: LIGHT
8:39 pm – The sunset was casting an cool looking light effect on the clouds way above it.

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed a look in to my Sunday. Sorry about the crap photography this month.



  1. nikki Said:

    Hunter has the prettiest eyes, what a cutie.

    All things Elmo should have the battery removed!

  2. Beth Said:

    Nice pics! 🙂

  3. zpitzen Said:

    Great pictures.. He’s so cute, that little Bug-a-boo… And handy men are a great invention…;-)

  4. Helen Said:

    That’s a lovely photo of Bug in the Elmo chair! And you’re not a crap photographer. The one of Bug and Tyler is good – look at Tyler’s head, that’s not fuzzy. You just caught one sharp bit and artfully blurred the rest [nod].

    And pretty sunset!

  5. Gina Said:

    Very cute pics of Hunter! And the dog! And the deck!

  6. Meghan Said:

    You say it’s full of Hunter like that’s a BAD thing!! YAY for tons of Hunter pics!!

    Great shots – especially the last one. Also, when I was scrolling down, I sure thought Kev was naked in that photo!

  7. ~Sheryl Said:

    Thanks everyone.

    Meg, so funny about Kev. He never wears a shirt aroud the house and he often looks like a nudie in the waist up pictures – I tease him all the time.

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