Question of the day

I bet each and every one of you is pondering…
What happens when you leave your large glass of water on the table and divert your attention away for only moments?

Well when you live with Hunter, here’s what happens:

The big blue glass...

... and the water spot.

A picture (or two) is worth a thousand words, but I will tell you what you are seeing. First picture, my son drinking out of a BIG (plastic) glass. Second picture, my son looking as innocent as can be sitting in and next to what used to be in the glass and is now a large puddle of water… on my carpet…nice. I don’t even know if he got any water in his mouth, but I can tell you he didn’t get any on him.

Thank goodness I only drink water.



  1. Gina Said:


  2. Stepherz Said:

    That’s too cute. In my house it’s red koolaid or diet coke. Not so easy to clean. And a spill only happens once in a day. Thanks goodness for pergo floors!

  3. Jenn Said:

    Well, in my house it is the cat who just sticks his head in the cup and then when you come back there is no sign (necessarily) so you can end up drinking kitty water.


    And he really does look rather innocent. No?

  4. nikki Said:

    Okay first, Hunter is so freaking cute. I can’t believe how big he is getting. Second- What the heck is up with all this heat?

    (I moved to Typepad!)

  5. None on him? That’s amazing. You know how some people seem to be teflon coated, and never get caught while everyone around them gets in trouble? Yeah. Don’t be surprised if Hunter shows some political-type skills as time goes by.

  6. kellypea Said:

    Excellent job! I’m supposed to be losing 50 lubs by Sept. but have done a rotten job of it. I’m thinking there should be water in my glass instead of Chardonnay, huh?

  7. Meghan Said:

    Ha! Xan dumps my cups out ALL THE TIME. At least you have the sense to use plastic.

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