It’s Thursday already?

Where the heck has the time gone??

I have so many things swirling around in my head, I don’t even know where to begin. So here is some vacation babble and a few pictures randomly thrown in. Don’t mind the pictures too much; they are straight from the camera, no cropping, no fancy-smancy borders or anything. Apparently going on vacation sucks every ounce of free time I once had away.

I miss the Internet when I can’t get to it. But I love the peace and quiet that middle of nature affords us.

Twin babies
~Twin fawns with Mom looking on.~

Our vacation started at home. With the weather predicted to be in the 90’s, we decided to hang at home and chill by the pool for a few days. One of my favorite pastimes.

EVERYONE into the pool
~Even Missy loves the pool.~

By Monday night, the Kevster was eager to get up north, so we left. He’s one of those guys that really enjoys and appreciates the beauty and peace of nature. Plus there were still a few minor touches that needed to be done on the trailer up north and he was anxious to get them finished. Note: I say minor, because I didn’t have to do them, but he had to lower the pump in the well by 50 feet and re-plumb the entire trailer. But I should also note Kev is happiest when he is working on something.

By Wednesday I was completely annoyed. I wasn’t enjoying my vacation. I felt stuck in the trailer without hot water in the kitchen, no satellite TV for several hours (while Kev cut the grass – he had to un-hook the dish) and if I had to watch one more minute of Blues Clues (it had been on for hours – literally) I honestly thought my head was going to explode. After I put Hunter down for the night, I too went to bed.

My Mom came up Thursday and Friday and Hunter had someone else to get attention from and my attitude was better. I guess I should explain something here. I love my son more than anything, but I am not stay-at-home-Mom material. I love being with my son, but sometimes I just need a break and I need some me time. I honestly think more Mom’s understand this then want to admit. It’s hard to put into words that don’t send guilt shooting through every cell of your body. This is just how I am.

While Mom was there, Kev and I actually got some time to go out on our boat… too bad it wouldn’t start and we ended up coming back home. Oh well, it won’t be an issue next weekend!

Mom left Friday and Kev’s cousin and son came up. We all enjoyed the rest of the weekend. Sitting around the campfire and enjoying smores. I really can’t wait until Hunter is old enough to enjoy these things with us.

A morning with a view
~Gotta love the peace.~

All in all, the vacation was nice. We all enjoyed some fresh air, even the dogs.

And the best part? Hunter started walking and we were all together to enjoy it. Thrills me more than I can explain.

"I wanna go in the pool"
~Grumposourous – everyone else is in the pool.~

Hopefull I will be back to picture posting soon.



  1. Rhonda Said:

    I would be willing to bet most moms understand where you are coming from…even if they won’t admit it. I work from home and sometimes I wish I still had an “offsite” job. 🙂

    My in-laws have a place “up north” in Lewiston. It’s beautiful, but I can’t even get a cell signal and my MIL only has dial-up! I go crazy after 2 days.

    Hunter is adorable in that photo.

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I am so with you on needing the “me” time. There are days (atleast 2 a week) where I wish I could go back to my office, sit at my desk, crunch numbers in peace, and sip on coffee until I’m so jittery I want to throw up. Ok, maybe not the last part. But I totally understand!

    The pics are awesome. So glad your mom came and helped with the grumpy Bug Man. Sometimes I wish someone would relieve me! Can I borrow your mom one day?

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Gina Said:

    It is always good to be out in nature. Have a great weekend!

  4. Helen Said:

    Of course you need a break – you love your husband, but during the day you would get a break from each other while at work. We can’t spend 24/7 with our loved ones, always in the same room, or we’d go postal.

    It looks like a very lovely and peachful place! (I meant to type peaceful, and dunno how I managed to type, but it’s funny so I’ll leave it!)

    Having a bit of a catch up on your Blog, sorry!

  5. daisies Said:

    breaks are essential 🙂

    that photo of hunter is divine : )

  6. Meghan Said:

    Poor sad Hunter!

    That dog in the pool shot is awesome.

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