Was today extra lucky for you?

In honor of 07-07-07, here are 07 things learned today:

1. It’s really helpful to have the memory card in my camera if I want to take a funny picture of a construction worker, removing his breathing mask (protecting him from cement dust I presume) to light a cigarette.

2. If my Canon can’t focus while the Auto Focus is on, the camera won’t fire until I turn the AF off. (duh! but I guess this is how we learn)

3. Mosquitoes like fireworks.

4. I still don’t get itchy when I get a mosquito bite (or 70).

5. I suck at firework photos (this explains the lack of photos for this entry).

6. If I practice really hard, I may be a half-way decent photographer when I grow up.

7. Last, but not least, I learned I can only think of 6 things I learned today.


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  1. daisies Said:

    hee hee ~ number 1 totally makes me giggle : )

    07-07-07 was my son’s birthday so it was pretty special for me … and more so for him 😉

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