How would you feel about…

some new photos everyday?

I really have a desire to become a better photographer. I think a lot of my mental block (up until now) had to do with the lens I had. When I first bought my camera, I spent so much on the body, I cheaped out on the lenses… I didn’t know. Up until last year, I was a point and shot kinda gal. I had gone to several camera shops and tried a few lenses… on my camera body. I wasn’t happy with any of the pics I saw… they just weren’t sharp.

I stopped at a different shop and spoke to this great guy who had been doing photography for a while. We took pictures with my camera and several different lenses… I asked him why they all looked ‘soft’ to me. Could it be my camera body?? He took out a Canon 28-70mm f/2.8 L. Now THAT was a clear picture. He told me I have been cursed with an eye for sharpness – something good photographers have. It bummed me out and excited me all at once. I was bummed because the lens he showed me was $1,300, but it excited me because here was someone who thought I had some potential.

I spent more than a month looking at lenses… how could I justify it? All the while, I was just so unhappy with my captures. I bet I read thousands of reviews. I scoured ebay. I almost bought a used one. But my husband said to me… why are you spending that kind of money on a used lens, when you can get a new on for a bit more than a hundred dollars? He was so right. See, this is part of the reason we discuss large purchases. I love how my marriage works!!

{Meghan, this is for you} So my search turned to finding the best price on a new one and deciding exactly which one I wanted. Finally I decided on a Canon 24-105mm f/4 L with Image Stabilization (IS). I know I sacrificed the speed (f/2.8) for IS, but I’m okay with that. I got a little further distance and IS.

I love, love, love this lens!!!

Time for more samples. Please feel free to tell me what you think.. good, bad or ugly… I want to learn.

Flowers from the front garden:
Battered, but beautiful

The big brown dog, Tyler:
Come on... throw the ball

My boys:
"I love my Dad!"



  1. Stepherz Said:

    I so love the detail you can see, and the light is beautiful. I too love Meghan’s camera and eye. She’s so talented. I’ve been wanting this camera too with all the fancy lenses. Might have to wait though.

    I LOVE the pictures you are taking and I really think that photography is such a healthy outlet, hobby, interest. Bug’s eyes, the beautiful blueness, really pop in these pictures you have taken. Take more! The flower pictures are delicious too! I think you should try some photography contests too. Maybe you have a fair you can enter them into for fun? I’ve thought about doing that with some of my pics. How about doing the self portrait challenge? It’s humbling sometimes to take a picture of yourself (at least it is for me), but truly gets your creativity going. Here’s the link: for the one I used to participate in. You should visit some of the folks who participate and see how much creativity and artistic energy goes into some of these pictures…

  2. boguedamour Said:

    love it!

  3. ~Sheryl Said:

    Thanks for all those kind words.

    Steph, I loved your pictures when you were doing the Self-portrait challenge, I will definitely look into that. I know Pluck the Petal has some amazing photos associtated with that challenge as well.

    I may look into some contests. I really haven’t felt my pictures were up to par. I have never thought my photos were sharp and that really really bothered me. I honestly started thinking it was me. But the photos I have taken for the past few days, show that it probably wasn’t me. I do wish I had more time to devote, but it is only a hobby. And I do have a few hobby so I am happy for the balance.

  4. Meghan Said:

    Sheryl, I think you made a good choice. And, your pictures look amazing. Really. The difference in good glass is huge, isn’t it? Also, that lens will be a good length for portraiture (85-100mm).

    I, personlly, like the 2.8 (and lower f-stop) because I’m a huge fan of a shallow DOF and shooting in low light. But, with it, comes a hefty price tag. My dream lens right now is a $1700 one (Canon 70-200mm 2.8 zoom with IS).

  5. Helen Said:

    I am clueless with lenses, I admit. I’ve not even really used the Tamron one I bought to supplement my 18-55 kit lens! It’s stiff to attach (probably due to being new), and so that scares me, I don’t want to break it!

    Looking forward to your increase in photos, and I hope it’ll push me to post more!

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