May 12 of 12 and a few shout outs.

May 12 of 12

Here is my monthly 12 of 12. It’s a cool project coordinated by Chad. Check out his sight for more info and a ton of links to other participants. It’s quite cool to get a glimpse into people’s day’s from all over the world.

6:05 AM – Apparently Hunter doesn’t care that it’s Saturday. The door opens… it must be time to get up. “Mom, you up yet??”


6:15 AM – My new morning routine… what you expected to see numbers… hahahahahhahahahahahahhaha… whew, that’s funny!!


6:52 AM – Grumplestiltskin not happy about breakfast… cereal and peaches.


8:42 AM – The running begins, but before we made it to the car I heard this really cool bird singing. When I looked up I saw this Oriole and actually was able to get a decent shot before he changed trees.


10:53 AM – Just leaving the coolest fruit market by my house: Nino Salvaggios. Yep, it’s already busy.


3:11 PM – Hunter sitting by the door moments after banging on the door to get out. Is the the look of a mischievous little boy or what?


5:17 PM – More errands to Hubby’s favorite store.


5:24 PM – Jakey-Jake waiting for us to come home.


6:21 PM – I was washing dishes when I got totally side-tracked. I was looking out the kitchen window and I saw a coyote come our from behind these trees, but by the time I got my camera and got outside, he was gone. Yes, this is a view from my kitchen window. I love my yard!


6:27 PM – I made chocolate covered strawberries for Mother’s Day. This is a pic of them in the fridge while they were cooling (No pics from making them , I didn’t want to get chocolate on my camera).


6:56 PM – My family (including the pets) amuses me. This is my version of “Chukita” (Dooce’s dog with a banana on his head). I’m certainly no Dooce but Tyler can take Chuck any day! 😉


Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed. I didn’t do the bonus pic this month. I forgot to check what it was until today.

I do want to wish the beautiful and amazing Xander a very happy first birthday!!!

Also, all of my blogging buddies who are Mom’s: I hope you had as wonderful of a Mother’s Day as I have had. Mom’s are amazing!



  1. Stepherz Said:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

    Bug is so, so cute! I love the pic of him standing in his crib. Noah won’t eat the baby food anymore, he’s all about the big kids stuff. I was worried about him not getting enough food, but he chows more than ever. He will eat cottage cheese and mashes potatoes off the spoon, but all the rest of his foods are finger foods. He loves cheese bits, peach pieces, and cheerios the best. He’s also taken a liking to cream cheese toast and pasta. I love watching his enthusiasm for food!

    I’m looking forward to seeing a pic of you now with all the weight you have lost! Congrats, you’ve really kicked butt!

  2. Meghan Said:

    Oh, honey… thank you!! Xan had a great (yet, for me, very poignant) birthday.

    I’ve taken my 12 of 12… but I’ve been at my parents’ all weekend so I still have to crop and post. Tomorrow, I promise.

    Also., um… I want just ONE of those choccie strawberries… YUM!!

  3. Those… STRAWBERRIES!!!!

  4. Beth Said:

    Great pictures! 🙂 I love the banana and dog one! Too cute!!

  5. CC Said:

    The photograph of Hunter is so very cute! How do you stand it? Love the oriole shot also. The strawberries make my mouth water and Tyler is doing an excellent job indeed! Great post!
    ~ CC

  6. nikki Said:

    I’m digging the banana on the bog bit. Hmmmmm, do you think Aaron will let me do that to him?

    Congrats on the 21 lb loss!

  7. Helen Said:

    I love the dog/banana photo, and Hunter is adorable! Such a cute, yet handsome too, little boy!

    Thanks for sharing these [hug], and ooh, chocolate stawberries!

  8. Michele Said:

    Between the strawberries and the banana on your dog’s nose, you have shown great artistic ability with fruit!

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