Posting frenzy

2 days in a row… it’s a posting frenzy!

I had been doing pretty well on this diet thing. That is up until a week or so ago. I’ve hit a plateau (wtf?). Tomorrow is the final weigh in for the contest (not that my diet ends tomorrow). But I have been in 1st place by several pounds for the entire 8 weeks. Well since this damn plateau, the second place girlie has just about caught up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that several of us are losing weight that was the whole point of the contest. However, it is hard to disregard the 200 bucks that the winner gets! But in light of all the money crap-o-rama going on lately, I just can’t allow myself to get all caught up with the money part of the bet. Plateaus suck!


One of the pleasures I have given up on this diet is Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato (380 calories). However, on occasion I still allow myself a Soy Latte (270 calories). Hey, if this is going to be a lifestyle change than I have to be able to treat myself on occasion without too much guilt. Plus I figured a bit of caffeine may get me off my plateau (yes, I gave up caffeine too!) I decided I would like to get a Soy Latte this morning. So before dropping Hunter at daycare I swing by the Starbucks. Now this counter person has been there forever! I know she remembers me, I was in there when I was pregnant! So can someone explain to my why she looked at Hunter and said “Are you and Grandma spending the day together?”

“What the fuck, bitch!” on the inside.

“Uh, he’s mine.” out loud.

“Oh, I am so sorry”

“That’s okay, no big deal” out loud.

“Dingy biotch!” on the inside.

I know people in retail must see tons of people a day. But come on, I’ve been going to this Starbuck’s for years and she has been there the whole time. Perhaps she’s just one of those people who skim through life on the surface and never really pay attention to details. Who knows.


This week the lovely Rhonda left a couple of comments on my blog. I can only assume she found me through our mutual freiend* Radioactive Jam who is obviously now Annika’s feiend.

Anywaaaaay… I spend quite a bit of time on her site last night and several posts made me laugh right out loud! This is one funny chick. She does a WTF Wednesday that I am seriously considering stealing borrowing. And I think she’s a redhead too – added bonus! If you get a chance, stop by over there, you won’t be sorry.

*as any friend of RaJ knows, you are a feiend, not a friend. It’s his world, humor him ;).



  1. Meghan Said:

    Oh, Sheryl post two days in a row… awesome!

    Yes, plateauing sucks… but, if it makes you feel any better, I think I’m gaining the weight you’ve been taking off. I think you’re doing amazing… and, I’m still bucking for you two win the prize (hint: eat a lot of asparagus and cantaloupe – diuretics kick ass).

    About the Starbucks twit – I think I actually might have punched her. But, who knows… maybe her grandma was 30 when she was born.

    I’ll check out Rhonda. I loves me some funny.

  2. Thanks for the humor(ing).

  3. Rhonda Said:

    Hey…thanks for the shout out! You are more than welcome to borrow WTF Wednesday.

    P.S. I am a red head…go us!

  4. MaryP Said:

    Having once made this error myself (MANY years ago, when I was young and stupid – just like the Starbucks girl), I now automatically assume the child is the woman’s offspring. This has given the odd grandma the opportunity to preen a bit and correct me. But better a mistake that flatters than one that insults!

  5. shensedge Said:

    How are you?

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